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random thots

Mr. Peanut

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np. hitting your shins is the worst, used to happen all the time during skating


similar life - there was this one kid who was in the bboy club at my hs (a "cool" school club for dancer kids who want to emulate the jockstrapwockeez for some reason). guess he broke his neck doing a swan freeze or whatever one day, because he had this big ol neck brace/cast thing on for a long while. have never spoken a word to him & didnt have anything against him in person, but he looked funny as fuck

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Rough. That would freak me out.


Meeting with a Colorado Viszla Rescue rep tonight, hope to get a second one soon.


Viszlas are dope, may very well be my next dog, but hopefully it will be a long time before then for the sake of my current doggie.


Boss is away, called out from work and went benching all day.


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I have one already. Like the personality and energy.

Meeting went well, next up is a phone interview. This Rescue takes their job really fucking seriously. Which I guess is good, because Vs would be a nightmare if you wanted a lazy dog and picked a V for the color or something dumb.

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They all have very unique personalities. It is kind of odd. They for the most part desire affection which is cool. I hike with them everyday and when we get home they are staring at me like "that was it?"


thot: The instant udon i had this evening was pretty damn good. Big ass fresh noodles with top ramen like flavor packet. I think i may try to make some chow mein this weekend. :guapimo:

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I see the 12oz banner has an ad for a 3AM fragrance by Sean John. Don't know who would wear some of these fragrances made for/by douchebag celebrities, their name/image does not conjure up good scents to me. Puff Daddy at 3AM probably smells like a combination of nut sweat, courvoisier, cigar smoke, weed, fine linen, expensive/exotic escort, and whatever wannabe rapper is riding his dick at the time. Not a fragrance I want to smell like.

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