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random thots

Mr. Peanut

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deciding on an avatar here is the digital equivalent of getting a rub-on tattoo. also permanent, if one is committed to it


Good analogy...





Why does Grimace always smile? Shouldn't he be grimacing?




Why have I not taken my work shoes off yet?


Yeah, it's almost like I'm stuck sometimes, like I'll be home like 2 hours later on the couch in work clothes. Mostly cause I'm on my phone.



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i feel like a line of cars that were really easy to take apart with hand tools and made to be customizable/self -serviceable would sell reasonably well.

sell people on a low price, bare-bones package - engine, frame, glass, some interior. charge from there.

no built-in electronics, no/very few computers, etc.


all options and upsells.

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Sup man, feel like we haven't talked in a minute. Haven't finished duckman. Been working the last few weekends. Def gonna get back into tho..


Actually i have tomorrow off so I'll watch some eps.


I feel like I'm doing a lot of shit and getting nothing out of it on the grand scale.


How've you been?

ah, seen. no rush


whats good dude. have not been posting as much, but still here.. if youre not happy with your job there, you should just move or jerb something else. refer to randals rant at the end of clerks, about how dante doesnt want to make a move & the like. the world seems like such a small place now, with all the ways we have to reach people through the internet & shit.. but all that aside -when you travel to a place youve never been before, you still feel awe/becoming an ant again. its nice, even if its not necessarily a long ass trip


Good analogy...

thanks. you already know the jar jar one was basically all for you lol


Am i the only one that hates the 5 minute edit?

how many minutes was the limit in the previous version?


my fault on the habbo world hook up. I joined knowing i didn't have regular access to a desktop, didn't think it would matter and it did.

hah its all good man; dont even worry. really fell off that anyway

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