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Mr. Peanut

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Whoa!!! Peggy would be proud dude. Looks official.


Maybe spapeggy and meatballs next.


Then again i guess that's just spaghetti and meatballs.

thanks. i was pulling that shit out the oven & thinking youd appreciate it /nh


spapeggy & meatballs is jokes but really wanted to try frito pie since its actually a southern thing. probably will make it again down the road


Wolf brand chili?




Lol, remember before when i was telling you about my old boss that used to work at the hospital and used to be there on the loading dock to get rid of any medical waste the company would come to collect? Like that leg he saw. I'm pretty sure they burn it in it's own landfill. Not sure tho.


Yeah, could he afford a prosthetic, i wouldn't put it past him, but no free prosthetics for people who can't pay. Dudes just short one leg. I remember one summer a few years back i saw a guy with one leg on crutches struggling down the road. I found that profoundly strange and thought about it for a while. Saw him another time after that.

oh yeah, forgot about that. a place/furnace for severed limbs, people are weird


once, we may or may not have walked past this mausoleum & saw was a service door, wide open in the middle of the night with a light on from far inside. an empty stretcher just outside said door & all. creep shit lol


condolences sent to the two homeless, one-legged dudes. hopefully they find a clean mannequin


From bobby's fashion show.


haha. so bobby


About Texas panhandler. Remember in some thread way back when, I think game T or F, was saying i could totally get up every morning, head down town, and just ask for change. Even wear nice clothes and do it. Really just to see how much i'd get.

you'd probably make enough to eat that day. during highschool, this kid i may or may not have chilled with somehow knew these two dumbasses who literally would just ask everyone they saw for change at a bus station. they didnt look homeless or anything; theyd tell the same sob story to everyone - about needing this or that many more dollars to be able to take the bus back home. pathetic

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Depends... how hot is she 1-10 and how much do you like your job 1-10?


She is about a 7/10 just because i work with her brother so i know a lot about their home life.

Appreciation of my job is about a 8/10. Climbed in the ranks and learned some shit, flexible hours.


She is close with her mom/my boss because they now live together.


Fuck all that :lick: Its not worth it.


Besides she is a latin chick that thinks she is black because she is mad dark

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I'm sure he was a hoot at a party...here hand me that PBR, ba-ziiiiiing now this shit is a IPA!


It just baffles me because morally I feel bankrupt, but then I see this religious mother fuckers foaming at the mouth at the chance to bomb third world countries, their continuous push for crusades against their opponent religions and the vehement desire to micro manage everyone's lives.


Like an abortion is the worst thing in the world, but carpet bombing villages in the desert is the cost of freedom. Fuck out of here.

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