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Thanks Dee.


Got a Chem 2 test back today. got a 61. I knew I did poorly, but fuck. What an awful feeling. The highest in the class was an 82 from a stereotype asian chick (she is devastated by the worst test grade of her life). lots below 50. I consider myself a B-student so its a bummer to get that shitty on something I was relatively confident on going into it. Oh well. Onward and upward.


Ksp can eat my ass.


No curve?

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I was supposed to have my graduation ceremony today.  but I have a dream job  and we already did honors recognition     it just would have been nice to see my classmates and instruc

Nobody ever talks about how many people eazy e infected with HIV.

To clarify I haven't said it's set up for that, it's the individuals in there that make it that way.  There's nothing wrong with arguing per se and due to the personal nature of politics it invites sp

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Looking for a second opinion.. What you folks think if I submitted an application at... say pizza hut. (No legitimate info) other than my e-mail and a "friends" phone number.. Dick move?... (Worked at "Freddy Mae"- Work Criteria- "cocaine and alcohol fueled mayhem. stackin' money.") shit of that nature (1000k) yada yada ... All interwebz based "application" (pretty random)

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....coworkers cousin wants my lovin overly attached gf style.. facebook added me 2 years ago

cousin got the short end of looks in the whole family...

doesnt seem to get subtle hints i dont mix with work anything personal even though cousin of.

wearin me down....shes weeearin me dooooooown



also is it a columbian thing with chicks taking pictures in a line with their butts facing the camera?

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random thot 10.27


that new keanu movie looks pretty good. John Wick. 86% on rotten tomatoes.


speaking of keanu, also enjoyed the pilot for Constantine. one of my fav movies, just because. and i felt they did a pretty good job for the pilot..... chaz is probably my favorite character right now.

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Just watched "Friday the 13th" on Netflix. Part 7, I think..Should make another "Friday the 13th"... With the families of the teen's that were killed in the movie's going to self help meetings, coping with the loss of a loved one. Shit of that nature, you know. It'd have like a "Days of our lives/ How Stella Got Her groove Back" feel to it. Chick's would dig it, I think

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it's 2014 and I still listen to my old mix tapes that I've had since I was a kid. is there something wrong with me?


were it that I still had mine I would so stoked...... the collection took a major beating in the mid 90's when a dj pilgrim tape got stuck in mum's car tape player and she threw them out. time did for the rest..






Not even a tag running today what gives?

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i want to start punching people in their throats...like anyone who pisses me off.


im at the age where everything and every idiot is pissing me off....everything from people on the freeways driving to just rude people in general.


each day im more and more in favor of ebola spreading and killing off all the people who are a waste of air, food and water.

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