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random thots

Mr. Peanut

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Re: random thoughts


idiots are actually ok with talking about other people in public out loud, just dropping names & other key info for all the would-be-eavesdroppers. they dont care, they dont wanna learn, nor do they wanna change. the fucked up part is that they genuinely dont believe/care that theyre fucking other people over - then you ask them, "straight up, youd be ok with other writers talking about you like this for everyone to hear in public?" to which they say no to, but for whatever reason, its ok when they do it. they then meet up with their equally braindead fake writer friend who through mirroring, allow them to easily/guilelessly slip back into denial toy mode about how theyre a straight up worthless drysnitch


fucking wackass toys & their graffiti rat glee clubs, someone outta deepthroat you with a cactus & break your fingers. ya mudda

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Re: random thoughts


Yea, just like any other app where you can go to settings and make the notifications optional. I did a really simple mock sample of your comment redesigned for a new oontz. I didn't get to see the one they launched previously but drastic changes are not necessary.





I erased some of the thin lines/borders that I felt were redundant.


I aslo got rid of the old school buttons. I should have gotten rid of the "new reply" button as well because it is redundant.


The green colors was sampled from the prop bar.

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