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random thots

Mr. Peanut

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Re: random thoughts


back in grade 10 or some shit.. had a camera & went to the library. the two school librarians who clearly felt ostracized from said schools affairs/hierarchy sped-walked to me, all happy & shit - both of them were asking me if i was from yearbook & if i had come to take flicks of them for it. i had only come in to get a flick of the anatomical skeleton model, so felt kind of bad; they were clearly let down. was like i rejected them on behalf of the yearbook people i wasnt even down with

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Re: random thoughts


yea about 4 times



first time it was like this in my room laying down with dimly lit lights and ocean sounds in the background. i felt like i was falling down into myself so many times that i became the room i was in and the person i was laying there was a guest.

i kept asking the person laying there why he was listening to birds and waves inside me, but he never answered.


other three times i just got the hardcore fear and loathing...prolly the reason why i dont fuck with spice and all that research chemical shit

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