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I was supposed to have my graduation ceremony today.  but I have a dream job  and we already did honors recognition     it just would have been nice to see my classmates and instruc

Being on time and showing up everyday is the bare minimum to keep your job, not a bullet point in raise negotiations.

Whalen you accidentally hit someone’s profile with intentions of hitting the thread    then they hit your inbox ...   “ Yo I SaW ThAt YoU pEePeD mY PrOfiLe”    calm do

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I want to see the most politically incorrect movie made. I have no title, but it would be something like (movie man voice): Produced and directed by Harvey Weinstein, starring Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey, guest appearance by Woody Allen, soundtrack featuring Michael Jackson, Ike Turner, and R. Kelly.

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Any of y'all tried the no shampoo thing? 


People swear by it but I get so greasy I can't do it. Supposedly if you ride it out after a few weeks your hair will look good but I don't have a few weeks to look like a slimeball

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1 hour ago, Mercer said:

It would be cool to throw a hand full of concentrated fart directly into someones face. I wonder if there's any good books covering fart wafting techniques for beginners.

Just cup your hand, fart into it, and quickly throw it to someone's nose- works, lol.

I might also suggest opening a shower door or curtain and farting into your target's shower- the steam will do the rest for you.

Finally, just fart in front of a fan pointed at your target, or fart and use the hair dryer to give them a hot stinky wind.

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