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Mr. Peanut

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Everything is either slower or faster in general, today. Things can't seem to move any faster. Or slower. It's literally the most time indifferent submarine I've ever been in. The only way I don't feel like Bill Murray in Groundhoug day, is by thinking about Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.


groundhog day was great


I had come in here to say something else but can only think about scenes from the movie now..

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Are the All Lives Matter people in that X-mas group? Was not aware. Oh well, what can I say, people are allowing themselves to go to shit. Guess it's best to set your own standards and principles and stick to them, have some integrity for your own self.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.






















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The reality that he died for your sins?


Almost feel like this is where we get a visit from that religious dude who pops up on here twice a year to make religious threads that go nowhere.


Anyhow, the reality is that a few worldly religions celebrate a holiday about this time of year that oddly have very similar themes that, quite possibly, were stolen from groups that came before them.


Thought that just occurred while typing this- I think Chirstians might be the only ones to wish everyone a Merry Christmas... like no one ever has approached me and randomly wished me Happy Hannukah or Happy Kwanzaa (maybe because Kwanzaa is a recent invention no one knows what the fuck to do with?)


Anyhow, hope you didn't think I'm enraged by the act, it can be annoying, and/or amusing.

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The biblical relevance is quite,well, irrelevant. The fact is you have a holiday because it's Christmas.


You don't have a holiday because your forefathers thought December would be a nice time for a break.


If you go to the countries where those other religious holidays are actually the culture on which the society was built you might find yourself swept up in the celebration or observation of the relevant significant dates.

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There's a holiday in/around December for a couple religions. Not because it's Christmas, and not because it was Jesus' birfday either since those other religions aren't celebrating Big J and his accomplishments.


Also didn't say I didn't have a holiday this season, just commented on how some people treat their holiday like it's everybody's.


I have been to other countries where the religion was very old and the beliefs/practices wholly unfamiliar to me at the time. Pretty powerful/moving experience to step into an anient temple or such to say the least. But- for me, much easier to be swept up in something like that vs Christianity, which has really been directly and indirectly thrown in the face for so long as to be souring.

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