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Would the Judge let me off for murder ?

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ok... Today is my second day on the patch and about 50ish hours since my last smoke.


the roomate was going to quit too.... but no willpower = no quitting.


so what does the future-muder-victim do?


Wanna her a a great idea?

Have a poker night and fill my house with smokers 2 freakin days after I guit!!!


:heated: :heated: :heated:


Has a jugde ever let someone off a murder charge because they had just quit smoking?

I'm about to find out.

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I'm already on the patch,

but having like 6 of my friends in my house

chainsmoking while they gamble is probably

on of those 'situations you want to avoid' you first week of quitting.

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I quit smoking cold turkey after being a pack a day smoker (34's of a pack anyways)

the only motivation I had to quit was the disgusting feeling of having a cigg and knowing what was going on everytime I inhaled off of it


It was enough to make me not want to smoke anymore... it only took a couple days to not need nicotine and the shit going on inside my head broke the habit

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Originally posted by El Mamerro



cigars are what got me back on the smoking.

Well those damn little cigars, the ones that come in 20 packs.

grrr.... mini monte cristos!


I'll be fine quiting, but it's just yet another example of the roomie being totally oblivious to others.

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Guest sneak

seriously though, i reckon its all about slowly weening your self off of grouts. its not likely that many people will manage it straight up so the best bet is to cut down, switch to a lighter brand, cut down on that then give up.

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