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Okay here's where I'm confused. If you were going over 100 mph,



Lets think. If you remained at 109 after getting seen with radar, you'll

be moving away from him and creating considerable distance between

you until he reaches your speed, and only then will he start to close in

on you.



So what happened? Did you get nervous and slow down? Did you not

know that a cop had tagged you? Were there no turn-offs? I'm really

curious about this.

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i was wondering when you guys would notice the dodge neon part.


well i heading southbound on highway 101.

(middle of nowhere King City)

i was actually up to 119 MPH for a hot minute.

i get close to a freeway onramp and see the Camaro getting on so I step on the brakes cause I was far enough in back so as to not have him see brakelights and what not. so at least i'd get a ticket for 80-85 or so rather than 100+.

as soon as i get in front of him lights go on he pulls me over.

says the guys up on the big brother plane estimated me at 109, but it is fact just an estimate. FYI what they do is have a pilot and another guy with a stop watch. the guy with the stop watch measures the time it takes for you to get to 2 points and thus gives them an approximate speed. not exactly completely accurate or else I woulda got 119 MPH ticket.


so i'm not sure what to do. if 100+ still qualifies for traffic school i'll do that. so at least i wont get any points and be fucked for insurance but still have to shell out the 500$ for the ticket plus $$ for school. but if not I am thinking about going to court to try to get it down to at least 99 or dismissed altogether since I dont think the actual CHP ever got a radar on me. so I can hopefully just go to traffic school. but along time ago when i got my first ticket I think if you go to court you waive the chance to attend traffic school. it's been 6 years so I forget.

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talk to a lawyer...seriously.

mine has gotten me out of so much shit its unreal.

it'll be expensive, but it'll be cheaper than your insurance going up for 3-5 years.


I got pulled over for 95 in a 55 by a state trooper. I was doing around 110 before he clocked me. Homeboy hooked me up with an 85 mph ticket, so it made it a bit easier to get out of. I had to go to defensive driving school.

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Originally posted by SteveAustin

talk to a lawyer...seriously.


if you could hook me up with any advice or tell me what your lawyer did for you it would be cool. ie. arguments etc. not too many lawyers would want to bother for something this petty. traffic school is outta the question. this is 2 point violation so i'm not eligible for traffic school unless i get it down to under 100.

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about a week ago i was listening to the radio in the AM and there was some lawyer on as a guest who specializes in traffic court in/around LA. it was on kroq... maybe they'll have a link on there website. basically he was saying there is usually a way to get out of a speeding ticket....


ok, found it

here's a link and number:

Traffic Defenders: (800) 210-7477




that link is useless..

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yo pistol...

if I remember correctly...you're pretty big into cars. check around with some of your boys...hell maybe even try the local speed shop. I'd definitely try to get a recommendation from someone that has used one before. shit...you might try when...he might have some contacts.


the lawyer I had for my 85 in a 55 was a douche bag. yeah, he more or less got me out of it, but not as well as my current lawyer. he was supposed to make it go away entirely...instead it ended up showing up as a speeding ticket without a defined speed. if the lawyer doesn't appear to like you...ditch him. I have friends that are lawyers and they have full on told me that if they don't like the client...they'll get it reduced, but they won't get them off entirely. And yeah...according to them...they can get you out of anything.


everything of mine gets reduced to faulty equipment. my careless and imprudent (C&I) got thrown out. those two 14 over tickets cost me $250 a piece.


my lawyer kicks ass.

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one of my friends just got popped for something like a 96 in a 60.

his lawyer said he couldn't do anything for him.

I called bullshit and he ended up finding someone else to get him out of it.


moral of the story...you can get out of everything...for a price.


hope you got that shit taken care of pain free pistol.

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