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problems on the home front


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getting a girl is the worst advice...


if you can't take of your own shit, why would any other sane person want to? and why would you want such a dependent relationship.... i say don't even think about hoes til you have a more positive outlook. also, if you're trying to save up some cash.. hoes ain't the way.

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Originally posted by diggity

Tease, you should get at cat. cats are great, they dont need alot of attention so if you ever start going out alot they arnt a pain in the ass, and if you stay at home they are always chillin.


i want to get a cat, i had one from when i was 5 til 18... loved that damn cat to death.


but we got so many animals in the fucking house already that my moms wont let me get one, i might get one anyways.

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Originally posted by iloveboxcars

You said "I am not as smart as I would like to portray"..



dude, don't try to get intelligent just to show off your awesome knowledge of words with more than 5 letters. Do it for yourself, not for other morons.


Don't worry about meeting people, chances are they'll be like me and lie to you all the time. Stick to what your doing, the alone thing, and get productive.


that came out wrong i suppose. but i didnt mean put on a show to people to make them believe im intelligent type of thing, i want to be smarter and more well rounded knowledge wise for myself, which in turn will show to others that i'm intelligent, well read, and not just another dumbass.


know what i mean?

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Originally posted by casekonly

you're in your early twenties, right? good god, man, when i was in my early twenties i had alot of fun. first time i snorted coke off of a naked girls ass, got drunk as a skunk and puked on sorority girls at bars (on purpose), smoked mad blunts...shit, i had a ton of fun living it up like i was some sort of rock star. i'm not suggesting doing drugs or drinking, but you're young, live it up.


nowdays, i keep it simple. just learning to live is a chore in itself.


chill out with some good philosophy. television will turn you into a subserviant sheep...so will too many video games. start working out, take vitamins, drink water.


problems should make us stronger, no callous.


our comforts are our cages. be uncomfortable for awhile, it will help you to grow into a better person.


best of luck to you.


thanks for the good advice. i also like hearing that others are going through shit as well. which is ALWAYS the case, but sometimes you forget about that when you see these happy cheerful good times having mother fuckers all the time that always seem so god damn care free. so its also good to see that some of you can relate.


ive never been into partying much, to many people make me nervous, people i dont know make me nervous, and plus the parties here are lame as fuck. they are either full of people fronting so hard it hurts to watch them, or people that are acting hard and trying to be ghetto, or uppity mother fuckers who think they are better than you, or hipster trendy fucks who cant make a decision on there own without consulting -WHATS IN- magazine or watching a style show on tv. shit pisses me off.


never been big on drugs either. drinking here and there...


i need to hit the clubs and bars more, but i dont have to much extra cash to blow on drinks or getting into clubs, and im not a big fan of downtown, especially rolling by myself, trouble always seems to find me for some reason.


but yea, im working on my goals list, and im going to start getting some more shit going on.


thanks again yall for the advice, stories, and all the replies. like hearing about yalls situations and problems to, helps alot to be able to relate or hear about you guys concerns and problems to.

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Originally posted by Vanity

as far as homeboy, and the girl goes... just come at him and let him know how you're feeling. if you're as close as you suggest, he'll understand. i once lost a homie cause of a girl... not cause i felt like he was spending too much time w/ her or anything, but because he changed because of her; i don't know if it's cause he matured, thought he matured, or cause she was controlling.. but i knew w/ in the first 2 min. of him telling me how he hit it, he was gonna find some way to end the friendship... 7 years down the tube. can't say i was that distressed by it, oddly enough. guess it's what he wanted, and i hope he's happy.


yea, we had a real close relationship, he's been my best friend for like 7 years now to, but im not going to bother him about it. i need to get on my grind anyways, pay my bills... find my way in life type of thing to.


he is super sprung on this chick, which i find to be kinda stupid, even though she is fine and nice, but she is like 2 years younger than him and gots a kid by someone else, so i couldnt ever see myself marrying her if i was in his shoes, but homies weird like that...


but yea, im going to handle my own shit for awhile, and when he see's im doing good, and doing my thing, he'll come around again.


and he'll always be my friend anyways, i guess we're just reaching another stage in life where we're going separate ways a little bit. it'll be ok though...

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sounds like you miss the man love your friend gave you.
















































:lol: :lol: :lol:


just kidding....lol








but seriously, join the club. my life sucks too!

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Originally posted by EyeforAnEYE

how the hell are they "emo" problems, every single person goes through shit like this. If he chooses to vent shit this way, whatever, maybe he'll get some good advice from people who have been through the same shit on here, and it seems like people have been putting in good input.

<span style='color:indigo'>He's on here everyother day telling us about his problems. Isn't he just asking to be made fun of? Solve your "problems" in the real fucking world. There's people with more burdens than your little depression phases.</span>
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Alright, i don't know you or anything about you, so no offence meant if any of this pisses you off.


1.) Your best friend not calling you is nothing to cry over. Friends can hang out with other people too - and you said it's only been a week, so suck it up! you gotta learn how to entertain yourself for a while, it's not anyone else's job to do it for you. 3 of my best fucking friends have died in the past year, and as hard as it is to go through, i don't let it get me down. So don't get all huffy if your buddy is hanging out with a chick, he has a life beyond you, y'know


2.) No one is ever as smart as they wished they were. If you're thirsty for some smarts, stop THINKING about going back to school, and just go. So what if you don't know what you want to take? It's damn near impossible to run out of courses to take, even if they have nothing at all do to with your main field of study. If you have no idea what you want to do, then you can afford to dabble in other areas of study, and that should get the creative juices flowing - maybe it'll give you some ideas as to the direction in which you wish to move.


3.) There ain't shit anyone can do for you when it comes to your phobia of going out and meeting new people. Maybe you need to talk to a shrink about it, because really, there's nothing at all to be afraid of. So what if you go out on your own and get rejected or ignored by someone - you don't ever have to see that person again if you don't want to. Nobody's going to come to you if you aren't willing to put in a little effort when it comes to finding friends. Just try to stay away from the whole "desperate friend" roll that you seem to playing lately, and don't latch onto people too tightly - it freaks 'em right out. Just be lax, hang with whoever when you (and they) want to, and do yer own thang the rest of the time.


4.) if you have a lot of free time to yourself, stop thinking about how much of it you're wasting, and just start doing things. Yeah, things. Anything at all, just don't sit around on yer arse all day and do fuck all, because it's a bloody waste of time. If nothing else, just pick up yer shit and go on a trip somewhere. Travel cheap, take a passport, whatever cash you have, some clothes and a camera, and just start going. You'd be surprised how much a trip around the world (and/or the country) can open your eyes and your mind.


5.) Last but not least, cheer the fuck up. In essence, you have fuck all to complain about. You've got a home, clothes, food, a computer for fuck's sake, and nothing to really worry about. you could be a lot worse off. Be thankful for what you DO have, because nobody owes it to give you any more. You have to earn anything you want in life, so get to it. And be positive, too. You won't get anything done in your time if you always look at the negative side of a situation.


It's not as hard as you think, just don't be so afraid to try.






As you were.

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Originally posted by «DÉFL£PPÄRD»

thread is currently at Gaynessity Level: 4504.


(tease, if you were to get off your computer chair ((hopefully your aren't permanently molded to it)) get out side, possibly see a therapist.. you might one day.. be at the emotional state to leave your parents house.)


originality points in «DÉFL£PPÄRD»'s post: -238264864824628.


you suck at life more than 43 me's.



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Guest diggity

tease, your welcome to come out and visit me if your that bad off man. not sure what i can really offer you but figured i'd put it out there.

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Originally posted by diggity

tease, your welcome to come out and visit me if your that bad off man. not sure what i can really offer you but figured i'd put it out there.


i really appreciate the offer man, but im doing better now. i just had a really down weekend for some reason and needed to talk it over with someone (and i didnt have any friends i felt like dealing with here) so... yall heard my venting.


its nothing that i need to move or run away from, just had a depressed weekend for some shit. but again thanks for the offer, maybe ill come kick it with you one day down the line...


where you stay anyways?

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