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the ZEPHYR thread

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Originally posted by fatbastard

the understanding of colour, letter forms, effects, and general style they had back then blow me away.


the sad truth is there were a lot more possibilities then. more innovators, and less expectations of what a train panel should be...which is now a formula that Joe new guy 2004 can pick up in a few weeks worth of effort.. ..

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Guest emit_df

respect for the old school


Mid 90's or so Kaws DF started chillin with Zephyr. Zeph got down with DF crew. I was like "word up, mad respected old school writer down with us" couldn't ask for a better name to rep your crew. I was back in CT and we were planing a DF wall at Fame in CT. Kaws and Sub were coming into CT and had said Zephyr couldn't be there. Sucked. Anyway, Jive and I rolled out spots for all known attending graff heads to paint. The next morning as we were getting started Kaws rolled up with Zephyr. Great, he made it. He saw there wasn't a spot rolled for him and took it mad personal, like we didn't want a old school guy painting with us which was 100% wrong. I would have loved to have painted with him. I grew up on NY graff, Style Wars, Subway Art etc.... he was like a role model to me. But it seems he could not be swayed into a nice day of painting and was mad at me specifically. Till this day I still can't fugure it out.

A couple years back my man NACE DF unfortunatly passed away and I was forwared a nice article written by Zephyr for Nace, It was a well written and a very nice ode to Nace. I wrote Zephyr and appologized for the past missunderstanding and thanked him for the memories put into words about Nace. I received no response.

Just recently he was in denver. Twice actually. It's lame to have not gotten to paint with him here in Denver after all this, when we have had, and still have friends and writters in common.

I guess this post really means nothing, just getting if of my chest. I have dealt with all kinds of graff problems that have been easily brushed aside..... but when someone you have utmost respect for gives you the diss for no reason I guess it gets to ya.

Maybe Zeph will read this and respond for once.



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if that's actually what happened and you didn't interperet it wrong i bet that there is somethin more that you didnt notice or realize that zeph is pissed about. just my 2 cents.


more importantly


Zephyr fuckin KILLS

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20+years of style,innovation ,and all around dopishness

zephyr fuckin rocks indeed

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