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party people if you're ready to rock let me hear you scream "FRIDAYYY!!" (21may2004)

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tonight- pub crawlin' into the bottom of a bottle of jack daniels


saturday- hungover. if the skies are blue, go out and enjoy


saturday night- painting (i think). then drinking (or vice-versa)


sunday- see: saturday



post em up folks. see you all monday (if i don't take a sicky)

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i should be happy that it is friday allready but!


i fell like shit and im sick!

bones are aking, stiff neck, and a fukn nastey sore throat!!!!!!!


well anyways...


FRIDAY: first friday in ages that i dont think ill be drinking,so ill probly hang out with mates and end up writing on things.


SATURDAY: 2 chicks 21st's $20 bucks to go and get like a 5 course meal

and alllllllllllllll you can drink! (fuck yeah)...and these bitchs are hot with hot friends....meowww!!!


SUNDAY:dont know as of yet but yeah do whatever as it comes maybe the movies..

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Friday night - either painting or staying home and studying like a nerd


Saturday day- Art course, and mabye a little music shopping


Saturday night- Birthday Bash, nothing big, just going to get well affected with my people.


Sunday- If I'm not too hung over I'll- a) search online student accomadations lists for potential living arrangments

B) study like it was 1979

c) paint something


Wooooooohhhhhhh yeaaahhhhhh !


*misspelled saturday :D

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Guest krie

Tonight: cruise down to the local watering hole for a few coldies

Sat: To work till 1030, then I have no plans..

Sat Night: Probably take it easy, no set plans

Sun: Relax, probably sit inside, not the best weather coming I dont think

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I'm on antibiotics so....I was thinking about grabbing some girl I've never gone out with, crash a wedding, drink like a motherfucker and then puke all over my car...preferably the back seat.


or...I'll just work on my house all weekend.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Friday: Hop on the ferry, head over to Culebra island about 25 deep, set up camp here, drink like maniacs till we pass out. Lots of rain expected... it's not scaring us one bit.


Saturday: Hobble out of our tents and commence the drinking anew. Very heavy rains expected. We'll be probably catching pneumonia now.



Sunday: Finish off what's left to drink, hop back on the ferry and survive the hangover and whatever malady we may have acquired. Severe thunderstorms expected.

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mamerro i HATE when you show those photos of the paradise in which you inhabit!



tonight i'm going straight from work downtown and drink at the rooftop bar with my co-workers and friends and get hammered at about 8pm then continue to drink. then leave that bar to meet up with other friends and head to another bar for more drinking. try to make it until the bars close then head home.



tomorrow not sure, probably do errands since its supposed to rain. then probably chill with the boy since we have to get up early the next day.


sunday put the sailboat in the water, but first spend all morning from 7am on cleaning and fixing the damn thing....



here's to summer sailing



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For real, if it’s necessary, I’m going to just pick out a random person on the street and take him/her to see Troy with my coupon today. This is getting ridiculous.


Friday: gym, troy, chill at home and get drunk

Saturday: paint with my buddy who just got back from another country he has been living in, then either go up to Algonquin Provincial Park for a couple of days, or go to an old boy’s party that he’s throwing

Sunday: hungover all day, watch Sopranos and Trailer Park Boys



pretty boring, but hey, I can make even the most boring weekends quite interesting with a bottle of scotch and Old Milwaukees.

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I however am broke after last weekend

and have sworn off the 'stuff' so it will probably

be a chill weekend of getting shit in order. Plus some patio drinking.



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Friday ::: ::

*get outta work

*go home and have sex

*go see TROY

*hopefully do some destruction while i'm out and about


Saturday :: ::::

*fill out job apps

*clean up new place

*go out with some friends to celebrate a birthday.

first a house party, then a bar


Sunday :: :::

I have no clue.

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camping and beach parties all weekend, even if it rains.

i'll be out in the no-where-to-paint zone so very little destruction..

Algonquin would be awsome shit Weapon X, i havnt been there in a couple years! but damn, the "no bottles" issue is a bit tough.

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Friday: I just started a gig as a nightclub DJ, so I'll be doing that tonight then going home w/ some sluts.

Sat: work on freelance/senior thesis, then either go bar hopping w/ some girls or call up homies and get crunk.

Sun: see friday, sunday is second in attendance only to friday

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