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Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...


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Guest diggity


i tried to handle things properly with you, PMed you to try and work out your issues, then you go and flame up every thread with this shit. sorry man your done. acting hard and fronting like any of us need to apologize for anything that was done here is beyond belief. i have no problem with letting deto back on, i understand at these things started as a joke and then got beyond that, you are going out of your way to disrupt the forum, im banning you, then will delete all of your posts.



if you want to talk about the situation, PM me or email me diggity (at) 12ozprophet.com and i'll see what can be worked out.

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Originally posted by fatalist+Nov 28 2005, 12:26 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (fatalist - Nov 28 2005, 12:26 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-why write?@Nov 28 2005, 04:31 AM

the knightbats are going down one by one


ive noticed




really, outlaws on the ounce...I personally think it's fucked up 8onus got banned, its a fucking FORUM I know 12oz isn't a democracy, but the forums should still be a place where you can express your own opinion and contribute based upon your own ideas and prespective, otherwise whats the point?

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Guest diggity


i banned 8onus. I pmed him about his signature being so long and that i edited it down. i even offered to work out this deto problem with him, even though deto hasnt tried contacting me or raven to my knowledge. I had an open ear to work out a resolution. he responded. before i could speak with any of the mods about it, he went and posted the same post in about 12-15 threads. shortly after that i banned him. flaming up the threads is a banable offense. i offered a helping hand and then he went out of his way to be a fucking prick. so theres your reason.

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hey man, I hear you and really it's not that serious, the internet isn't that serious and 12oz isn't that serious, but politics are lame regardless of the context, the fact that all this started over a myspace bulletin is ridiculous and speaks tons for the absurdity of the whole situation. I wish things could have been handled better, and that shit never got to this point. I like channel zero and this site in general but you can't claim to foster a community on one hand and discount them and their opinions in the same breath. whatever, I'll keep posting if it's interesting, I just can't waste my time with BS.

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