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Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

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OMG knitebats lol My pug Shumai was our mascot ❤️   Someone get this going again!!

@SukiSukiNowOkay, will message you tomorrow about it. But I'll let you designate who should start the Knitebats group. The Nightowls group has already been started up...

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Originally posted by gatita@Feb 7 2005, 01:42 AM

Dude, the night before? The Aesop show is on the 23rd, my bday is on the 13th. What world are you livin in?


And yes, I will be kidnapping you. Bitch.



Oh i thought aes was the 25th.

And i thought he meant sunday the 26th.

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aesop just did a free shoe down here with mr lif and c rays wallz at tulane university...it was dope


i was disappointed tonight,3 points....cmon now,i hate new england


so much shit went down within the past few days,i would explain but im too drunk and way too tired to do so


g'nite folks

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Damn aesop doing free shoe's? Tongue or no tongue? :lol:


That's pretty dope though, Aesop and Lif for free.

A while back, Heiruspecs (awesome hip-hop/live band...look 'em up) and Last Emperor for free at CU Boulder. Which was awesome, except the whole audio system fuckin died during Last Emp's second song.

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