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Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

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OMG knitebats lol My pug Shumai was our mascot ❤️   Someone get this going again!!

@SukiSukiNowOkay, will message you tomorrow about it. But I'll let you designate who should start the Knitebats group. The Nightowls group has already been started up...

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Never heard of freebirds, must not have them here. But, Chipotle is still mighty tasty, and it's not like you have to 'steal' the idea for a burrito.



Oh yea, Chipotle is owned by McDonalds, which would explain their 'corporate-ness'. And there are a million awesome places for Burritos here, I was just saying that Chipotle is good.

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ok, i am realizing that the 19th may in fact be a better date, to ensure that everyone can paint. i honestly don't have a problem with Fame City.


So that being said, let me know how you peopl feel about a definite confirmation for fame city on the 19th opposed to 5ptz on the 26.


thanks guys

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19 works but i'd prefer 5ptz. but i'm down for whatever because i'm easy rike that.


last night i watching rushmore with my girl. she didn't get it. sometimes it bums me out that she doesn't understand shit. you know, like subtle humor.


i have a paper cut and it's actually bleeding quite a bit. drippin right onto the gosh darned keyboard.


i am rearry rooking forward to getting the fuck out of this country for a minute.


i wonder if i'll put my penis into a vagina when i'm home.


i kinda hope i don't.


shit, i hope no one puts their penis into my girlfriends vagina while i'm gone!


didn't think of that till right now.


i'm not going to have a cell phone in new york. that's gonna be a pain in the ass. remember when people didn't have cell phones?


i bought an andrew dice clay dvd this weekend. fucking gold. already watched it thrice.


my uncle is so much like andrew dice clay it's unbelievable.


i'm reading tai-pan. this comment is for effyoo in particular.


i got a shitload of freelance from my old job. a LOT. like i'm not fucking busy enough. but i can't say no to easy money. and this work is EASY, albeit time consuming.


albeit... did i spell that correctly and use it properly?


bought a new laptop. G4 powerbook. i bought a webcam too, so my girlfriend can see my handsome face while i''m in new york.


any ladies want to see my weiner online just holler.


the paper cut isn't bleeding anymore, but the keyboard is tacky with blood.


particularly the letter "O"


got a hair cut yesterday. at my girl's job. a fancy hair salon.


a homosexual shampooed my hair.


the haircutter guy left the front of my hair longer towards the sides to hide my baldingness. great.


some of my friends woke up at 5:30 this morning to go to a bar and watch the superbowl at 7am.


the only things i voluntarily wake up for early is graffiti and fishing.


haven't been drinking much lately and i'm worried about my drinking in new york and not being able to maintain.


actually thats not true.


i've been drinking every night, but not a lot. a few beers or some vino. havent been shitty drunk for quite some time.


i'm gonna go take a shit.

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My brother is coming to my birthday extraveganza on Sunday (i left out the bukkake part cause "my brother" and "bukkake" should not be placed in the same sentence.)


My bday better be the jimmy jam or I just might throw a hissy fit and cry like a 5 year old. But, i know after my friends and I order 40 jager shots at the same time like last year nothing will go wrong. Cept me falling asleep. Wepa.

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