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Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

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OMG knitebats lol My pug Shumai was our mascot ❤️   Someone get this going again!!

@SukiSukiNowOkay, will message you tomorrow about it. But I'll let you designate who should start the Knitebats group. The Nightowls group has already been started up...

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Originally posted by Seldoon@Feb 5 2005, 07:25 PM

fuck that christian family fucker, religion is going down, I just wish they would do it gracefully.


on a side note, i was ridin with Crime Mob today. them niggas is crazy.





I had that fucking CD, shit was bannanas.



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Spongebob lives in a pinapple below the ocean, and drives around in a hamburger car.


While the Catholic church forces its ministers to be celibate - which clearly violates a natural law - and then defends those ministers when they become paedophiles.


Spongebob has a girlfriend who is a Squirrel.


While a string of so-called Televangelists ignore the biblical edicts against wealth and shamefully enrich themselves as they take steal from their followers.


Perhaps the truth is that organized religion is what evil people do as a hobby. It makes them feel good about themselves and allows them dress-up their evil in a cloak of moral do-gooding. Whether that evil be race-hate, misogyny, paedophilia, embezelment, terrorism, torture or just old fasioned corruption - it all washes whiter than white when practiced inside the auspices of an organized religion.

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what is paedophilia.... Do you mean pedophilia. meaning sexual attraction to children???

Anybody ever know someone with Caninalpedophilia. People who are sexually attraction to puppies. Or arachnalpedophilia..... adults that are turned on by underage spiders

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i keep having dreams where i get in trouble and have to go to jail. Lastnight i drempt that i drank 2 beers in 5 hours and blew a .2. I was at the 12th precinct on Woodward and when i disputed the breathalizer results they stuck me with a needle.

Either trouble dreams or intoxication dreams. I wake up all early and stressed out and i can never fall back asleep

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anal treet haha.. and who the f is isor??

im def rolling to ppaint with 2 to 3 people including myself... and i will split that bucket with you gooch...what color, purple?

brown? whatever im down...and everyone should agree on a single shell (forcefield) color.. like hot pinkk or harbor blue or something...

damn, im drunk and i totally just realized i bailed on pffffft tonight.. SHIT!!! its 2:15am, well im gonna assume homey is passed out, he told me they had a keg of ying-ling and that was at 3 this afternoon... fuck! il have to call him in the morning......


painted today.. says "drop down and get your eagles on"

courtesey of curve (he happened to call my cel while i was painting and suggested the punchline)

superbowl sunday... just fyi i will NOT be sleeping AT ALL tonight ...HOLLA!!!

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i went to my buddies house for a poker night and it turned crazy.


more people came...couple girls.


i was talking to a couple people and out of nowhere my buddy is talking, then he just drops his pants and continues talking. Ten my other buddy came and pulled his boxers down and for 10 mins htis dude was walking around with his shlong out. Well, after drinking more, he decides to do a dolphin dive onto the table in the living room knocking over a couple beers, then does a summersault over another table onto the couch. gets up and flips that table with ash tray full of cigarettes in it. fuck man, nad this kid is usually quiet as fuck.


damn, i wish i woulda taken my camera.

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haha awesome. if that was my place though, i would have kicked his ass.

poker night is fun with my friends is fun. $25 to play and the winner takes all.

its usually about 8 guys so you can walk away with a nice chunk of change if you're lucky. i usually do real good until i get drunk, the its bet every hand until i lose.

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attn gooch: Damn man, that is the weekend of the Binghamton event. I am not going to be able to make it that weekend. Defiently disapointed. Anybody down for meeting up at bpt the following weekend to rock a wall, I am down. Maybe the kb wall part 2.. Let me know..

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Originally posted by gatita@Feb 5 2005, 03:48 PM

YEEEEEH-YUH! I scored an interview for my zine with Mr Sage Francis himself. As the spanish say "Wepa!!!!"


Damn, that's pretty fucking awesome. You should post some scans up here when it gets printed.


...which reminds me, that I need to check when his cd comes out. (Comes out Tuesday)


->info, mp3's, tour dates

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