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Knitbats: Tease your hair, volume and shit...

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OMG knitebats lol My pug Shumai was our mascot ❤️   Someone get this going again!!

@SukiSukiNowOkay, will message you tomorrow about it. But I'll let you designate who should start the Knitebats group. The Nightowls group has already been started up...

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i just got confirmation that we WILL be painting in queens at 5ptz on the weekend of the 26th.


if it rains or whatever on saturday the 26th, we will hopefull be able to rock the next day. if it rains all weekend......we are fucked.


i was only able to secure that date cause of the availability of the person hooking me up.


first come first served for spots, bring ladders and supplies.


whoever is interested in splitting a 5 gallon pale of paint with me let me know. they run about $50 or so.


it IS a wall that is all vinyl siding, so be warned. bring the big nappy roller pads.


pass the word to the fellow bats!!!


also, i NEED to know definite numbers on who is painting. i am rolling with at least 6-8 people already.

ok that's all for now


***end transmission***

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Straight up, guys who done XTC for three months straight are fuckin RETARDED; I should have known better, but i looked pasted it and blindly admired his b-boy facade. So i met this guy two weeks ago, at a club who knew a mutual friend, we exchaged numbers, kisses, and hung out as if we were hooking up, but then shit got dirty....This guy was hott, but i never complimented him on his looks, and being the opinionated person that i am, i let him know that 'Yes' it did bother me when he winked at that girl while he was dancing with me. So now in his eyes I'm too jelous, and i never showed i liked him, so he took a step back. FUCKIN WEIRDO,what was i suppose to do, fucking admire him all day long, like all the rest of those byrds do. Fuck that not Fatalist, and at that he will tell me one thing, and change the whole fucking story around when it came to explaining shit to my friends. I swear I really think 'X' fucked up is memory, and communacation skills. Anywho saw this creep last night at the club, and we gave each other fake ass hugs, and we kept it cool he was doing his thang,and i was doing mine, but for some reason all this fakeness bothered me, but i'm going to leave it alone. This should teach me never to get involved with a former 'X' user, or at that date guys i meet at the club. SHIT NEVER WORK. All this drama in only three weeks, it's fuckin absurd.


"gosh, freaking idiot"

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MDMA does not equal the immaturity and shit that dude is giving you. If he was on a relatively constant coke binge, Id believe it, but Ecstacy doesn't. He sounds like a shithead and probably has a nice collection of STDs. Id back away if I was you.


On another note:



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everyone if you haven't already go download yourself the new ODB, Masta Killah and RZA jawn, entitled "Old Man" Ol' Dirt Dog raps the big mac song and it's over the old Sanford and Son theme music, so again, go download it, you big dummy!

Page 249

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Gat...that is great, let us know how things go.


Fatalist....fuck him, he sounds like a piece of shit that isn't worth giving your time to.


Sugar...good luck, it works if you stick with it long enough:) Then shit just rolls off your back.


As for me, I got my ass up and went to the gym...ran a few miles, did my abs and lifted weights..then I washed my car. I figure since I worked out so hard....why not get drunk off this lovely pack of corona sitting here looking at me. :innocent:

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