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12 minutes ago, Elena Delle Donne said:

also here to brag that i both replaced and re-tuned my cantilever brakes on my own and they're great. yeah it took four hours in total. i still feel very powerful 

nice. always a rewarding feeling to be successful at DIY bike tune-ups. i replaced my brakes in the beginning of 2020....hydraulic disc brakes though in my case. i just found the exact match on ebay and replaced the used ones(i'd had them for about 7yrs, riding often). was actually able to flip my used brakes on ebay as well to get some of the money back i'd spent on the replacements!

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On 9/23/2021 at 7:59 PM, Elena Delle Donne said:

hive mind... what's our favorite bar tape? mtb/fixie flat bar folks with grips can play too, shout em out.  


i just ordered cinelli cork tape to replace novelty tape from state for the past 5k miles that has fallen apart (it was cheap).


All I've ever used is Fizik Microtex 

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I use a Garmin Edge 520.  It's fine.  Can be annoying at times when Connect decides to take a dump and I have to re-sync and do the odd manual upload but it does the job.  Consensus seems to be Wahoo computers though if you want a lot of fancy feedback.

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I've used Garmin in the past, they were okay. About three years ago I switched to the Stages Dash when it first came out. It was simple in design but covered all the bases for the feedback I wanted. I upgraded to their newest version of the Dash last year and have been really happy with it. A handful of team mates use them as well and are all glad they have it. Have a few friends that use the new Wahoo Elemnt Roam & Bolt and they love 'em. I think the general feedback I've been seeing (at least from folks I ride with) is that Garmin quality has been going downhill, and the new generation of computers have taken over with higher quality, better feedback options, and much more reliable connections. 


I will say that at the beginning of this year I added a Gamin Varia to my bike and it's been incredible. That feedback of knowing a car is approaching long before I hear it has been great. It's expensive for what it is but I have found it to be well worth that expense. 


Oh... and I've been doing some CX racing, lately. Muddy, sandy, and fun. Hard as hell, though. One more race for me this year and then I'm taking a nice break before picking up the training, again. 



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thanks @Joker and @metronome


the radar thing is interesting to me. i went back and forth on a real serious motorcycle camera and/or radar setup this year for the cross country ride; didn't do it, trusted my ears and never had a problem (i didn't even have a mirror). but those roads were pretty empty. 


if i'm gonna do anything it's a real camera setup, because we have vindictive hit and run drivers around here. but that's batteries... mounts... a lot. but it could also mean getting the driver that day that my number comes up and i get hit and left for dead. i have had very few road incidents around here in 5k miles or so but the ones i've had have been nasty, like "i should carry mace" nasty. 

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