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7 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

oh it has a gyro.  That definitely adds to the fuckery in adjusting everything.

For real I told him to take it to a bike shop. I heard an add on the radio like a week ago talking about a full bike tune up including brakes for like $45. Lol

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Watched the Cyclocross World Championships in Oostende, Belgium for Elite Women and U23 Men, today. U23 was kinda boring, but still interesting to watch. The Elite Women race was awesome. One of the competitors, Clara Honsinger, is a local racer so every racer in town has been watching her race all season. I was gunning for her to finish on the podium in today's race. Definitely a seat-edger of a race all the way to the end. 


Tomorrow is the Elite Men and U23 Women. Both races should be really good to watch. The course should be nice and muddy by then, and all the wet sand should make it interesting. 





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On 1/30/2021 at 6:05 PM, metronome said:

MVdP vs WVA? 

Pretty much how it started, with WVA gaining time on MVdP. Then WVA flatted, lost focus, and MVdP won it.


I was hoping Pidcock would finish 2nd or better but that course doesn't suit his riding style. That he finished 3rd is impressive. Excited to see how he rides the Classics in his first year as a pro on the road with Grenadiers. I could see him do well in races like Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Milano San Remo, and Giro de Lombardia. I think he's too small for races like Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. 

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On 5/14/2020 at 2:18 PM, Ko SprueOne said:

This happened on my way home from a ride to the store.

Cable broke at the paddle shifter for the rear derailleur. I heard a crackle sound then pop.

The positives: It already shifted into the gear and not halfway in between gears. I was in the alley, away from traffic. Made it home safely.




Finally bought a cable for this repair. Jeez it takes me forever to do sht. I do it tho and it gets done, eventually. Island time... (no, I don't live on an island, just sayin)


What got me off my ass was the wife's BMX-GT broken brake cable a few days ago. I'll get to work on these this weekend.




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excited to work on this project. everything on this bike came stock on it as far as i can tell. right off the bat going to need new tires, tubes, brake cables/pads, shifter cables, fresh grease & bearings where applicable, handlebar tape, and just a full-scale, all around tune-up/cleaning. flicks later(if/when i actually go thru w/ it).





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