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Wow, no, not without pre-existing damage from dropped chains, etc. You haven't dropped the chain down in between the cassette/cog and spokes, have you? This can chew and put small nicks in the spokes and when you corner hard the increased strain can make them pop. Have a look on your spokes and see if you can find any pre-existing damage that may cause failure.


Where exactly are they breaking, at the rim, the hub or in the middle? Can you send pics?


appreciate the help.


it's broken at the hub, which is where all my breaks have occured. MS paint arrow points to the broken spoke in case it's not clear





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Popped on the inside of the hub, not really sure, mate.


Maybe check the tension on the spokes and make sure they're not imbalanced. You'd expect a bit of a buckle in your rim if they were though, I guess. Sorry I can't be more help.


no problem, appreciate the help anyways.

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Hahahaha, that's awesome.



Been back on my SS bikes smashing the single track lately. This luxury of gears, suspension, dropper posts and lightness has been spoiling me. So it's a month of single speed stomp sessions to keep me real.


Picked up a couple of 5000lm SolarStorm lights off Ebay as well. It's getting dark here at 17:30 these days and I don't always get the time to ride before then. Kind of looking forward to doing some lone night rides, should be something new and challenging.

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Blew my knee out training for a 24 hour enduro race. Been off the bike for over a month now - I was pulling up too hard when clipped in and grinding hills on my single speed. Heartbreaking being off the bike like this. Going from beating the shit out of myself 5 times a week to no exercise at all has even stopped me from being able to sleep properly. Sucks.

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26er: '99 Schwinn Homegrown hardtail (6061 alum frame), 3x9, XT/XTR set up, Hayes nine discs (these are garbage, btw), fox vanilla R, Mavic wheels, can't think of the name


29er: Rocky Mountain Hammer 29 (reynolds 725 steel frame), 1x9, XT components, Race face cranks, Formula ORO k24 discs, Reba Race fork, sun ringle black flags


So both hardtail xc builds, obvious differences in gearing and frame material, but the geometry is where the difference lies.


The 26 is just so nimble and I feel like I can carve corners and pull cleaner lines with it.

The 29 is faster, but far less nimble. I almost feel like I'm floating on the Schwinn, even at lower speeds, whereas the RM feels like I'm on a horse...

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got one of these cheapo gran royale bikes for commuting in skirts and/or crappy weather

not the aristocrat below, but cogsville or some shit.


not bad. but not even a little fancy.

i think nashbar made it. which i guess makes it a huffy.

very cheap though. can't remember the last new bike i saw under 2 hundo




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