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Don't come on here very often anymore... hope all are well and getting plenty of riding in.


I was recently hit by a car, fucked me up real good. If you've ever had broken ribs, you know what I'm talking about. The other pain is nothing in comparison.


Just wanted to reach out and say be safe out there...


I feel you on that.. I was just hit by a bus. Luckily my hand/bike were the only things broken. Good luck on recovery.

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The only strap / cage kind of thing I ever used were these.

They were very good! Check out this link, there's a variety of others of that kind.

Depending on your bike these look rather cool, and you can adjust them to perfectly fit your shoes / sneakers.


i made my own for like 15 bucks. and theyre just as durable as any youll pay 4x that price. but i guess if you cant sew.

just a thought.

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goddamn. RIP.


I feel you on that.. I was just hit by a bus. Luckily my hand/bike were the only things broken. Good luck on recovery.


minus and JDI good luck on your recovery


i once broke 7 ribs and a collarbone after being hit by a car.

pretty tough to describe the pain one feels while laughing, sneezing, trying to take a shit, or doing virtually anything


stay safe peoples.

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I'm considering getting a 26" FGFS bike and putting a full-size basket on it. I keep killing old mountain bikes, and they aren't getting any cheaper...so since I won't buy crap and most 26" SS bikes never seem to have a geometry I like, this seems like a good way to go. The frames are compact, take huge tires (I've seen 2.3s on some bikes) and they're set up with modern BMX components, and if I want to ride dirt (not FGFS) all I'd have to do is take off the front wheel and swap out the bars and stem and maybe the tires.


So does anyone here have anything like this? I've been looking at the Grime Yo Mang and thinking "Wow, that's almost exactly what I'm after."




Edit- the Specialized Pfix goes for 700 complete and if I call in some favors I can probably get it for wholesale-




I think the fact that I'm almost 40 and planning to ride what's basically a kid's bike is kind of funny, but if the shoe fits...

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I've got an SS cross bike, not particularly in line with that style.

It seems like you're basically looking at rigid dirt jumpers, though.


Here in CO there are plenty of rigid SS mountain bikes and DJs on CL.


(I had to google fgfs and I don't have anything nice to say so...)

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They're a little different from the SS you're thinking of. I'm not a fan of FGFS either (go figure) but I've been looking at these bikes for a while and I think they're kind of cool.


I discussed this with a friend of mine this morning (he's one of the guys who actually got the sport going) and he broke it down for me...I'm gonna be doing a test ride sometime in the next few weeks, so I'll report the results once they're in. It looks like I might be going with the Volume Thrasher, though...



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Brazil outrage over Sao Paulo cyclist's lost arm



A road collision in Brazil has caused outrage after police said a motorist drove off with a cyclist's severed arm attached to his vehicle.


The driver, who later turned himself in, told Sao Paulo police that he had dumped the limb in a stream.

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