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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

ive missed clipless          


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Here's a link to a site that's taking donations for this cause. They're also looking for artists to donate work to be sold off. 100% of the profits will go toward helping MAD battle this terrible disease.


Please donate whatever you can and spread this message to everyone you know. Thanks.

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Just got this 1995 Zaskar frame on e-bay. This is my first single speed mountain bike build (I built my fixed and plenty of 20" over the years), any advice or component suggestion?




Was finally able to log in. I've had this thing built since the fall. Handles the trails real nice. Of course, where I live it's pretty flat so riding it rigid is fine.


Am I the only one that hates the weekend warrior types on the trails? I get weird looks all the time from these faggots. Maybe it's because I don't rock spandex or super cool biker shades. I want to punch every old man on the trail.

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I have this website, not top shit but I think they have a tire, innertube and wheels for like 120? they're based outta California.


My current plan is to build up each wheel separately so I can spend more on each/ end up with a better set. My front wheel is in pretty decent shape anyway, so I'm going to start with my rear wheel. LBS has a phil wood rear track hub on closeout so I'm leaning towards having them build me a wheel using that hub with mavic open pro rim.

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so I'm looking to get a new frame...


considering something like the Surly cross check or Long haul trucker. I'm not doing any fully loaded touring, but I carry about 5-10 pounds on top of my rear rack regularly, which makes my Columbus steel racing bike handle poorly and get "speed wobbles" at about 4 mph. I know there is a lot of discussion about these two frames out there, but do any of yall have personal experience? Also really want to stay with a threaded headset, so I'd need a different fork, right?


Also considering the Bob Jackson World Tour. I can afford it (~$1000 shipped) but I'm not sure I'm comfortable having a bike that's worth 1700+ dollars after being built up. Going to be worried about wrecking it or getting it stolen.


Any other frames i should look it? Basically something "touring" or "cross" that's made of fuckin steeeel.


Also do any of you frequent other forums that are bike related as opposed to tag-banger related?

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I have a crosscheck. I love it. No problem loading it up for touring, but then again, I have never ridden a LHT to compare. I can tell you that the LHT has a triple chainring, which the crosscheck does not, also has a lower standover hight and bigger BB drop. They seem pretty similar otherwise, the crosscheck has horizontal dropouts, I am fairly sure the lht does too but i'm too lazy to check. And yes, you would need a different fork if you want to run a threaded headset.

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