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you gotta remember that mountainbikes used to be beach cruisers...

not saying fgfs is going to evolve into anything though. we already have bmx.


More or less you got the point I was trying to make. Freestyle fixie riders seem to have forgotten all about the evolution bicycles already made before they were even born. It's like thinking you invented sex and nobody ever did it right until you came along... until one day you walk into your parent's bedroom and you realize you were doing it all wrong

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i think its more of a response to the lack of evolution in cycling today. sure, everything is getting lighter, stronger, faster, but there havent really been any radical design changes lately. except for track bikes turning into bmx bikes. fixie kids got bored with skids, and just about every modification you can do to a fixies probably been done, so some asshole saw an old keo vid and decided to try it, and all his super cool friends saw him, and before you know it youve got a bunch of 26 inch fixies that look like oldschool beachcruisers more then anything else.

i dont know, who gives a fuck. im just glad steel is making a "comeback" and someone came up with those strap frs things.

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interesting read.

i don't see the necessity for it in road, its a 'its not broke, don't fix it' scenario imo.


there are a couple things i assume about how he was riding as a non-disc rider that he did wrong, namely riding both f and r when you know they're heating up, instead of alternating, and i would question the installation/bleeding in general. BUT brake fade is very fucking real with all discs and i don't think mtb weight weenie mentality comes close to road weight weenie status, so i'm curious to see what compromises will be made to established mtb discs to be turned into road discs.


the only reason i switched from v to disc on xc was weather conditions, if i rode dry desert or road consistently i would have almost no need for discs.

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