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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

Lap around the lake today


Posted Images

God damn that's a hot build...


The radial non-driveside style comes from boutique handbuilt road wheels. For track bikes it's really a pure aesthetic thing; for road bikes, the idea is that since the rear wheel is so imbalanced via the cassette cluster and necessary wheel dishing to accommodate that cluster, the radial thing adds back some stiffness via the shorter spoke.


Not a whole lot of empirical testing going in to show if there's really a discernible difference, but for all intents and purposes it does look bitchin'.

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I learn something new every day. I thought crossing the spokes like that on the drive side was to give more tension too... One of these days I'm gonna pick up a physics book instead of resorting to inter webs.


That really is a sweet looking bike. Never understood the fascination with thompson stems and posts but the sand blown frame, polished lugs and dry carbon fork i can appreciate.

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Thomson posts are pretty much the gold standard of seatposts. Best adjustability, infinity durability, as light as a carbon post, bitchin' aesthetics for modern builds.


The stems look great and are stiff as hell but are a hair heavy in comparison to other stuff at the price level, X2 and X4 alike.


I personally just have an affinity towards matching my stem to my post (or bars), and almost always run a Thomson post anyway, so I do the dual thing. As weird as I feel about having unmatched stem/post/bars, though, I'll probably throw a 3T stem on my road bike (and PRO bars/Thomson post) cuz their weight-to-stiffness is one of the best, they come in a -17 and they look clean to match

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I'm probably done riding until spring unless we get some unseasonal weather. I have zero motivation to get up early in the morning and ride in 30 degree temps with 20 mph headwinds. Kind of sucks, I've been riding for 4 or 5 years now, and this was by far my best year. Getting a new bike come spring, so something to look forward to.

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Just picked up one of these for $50-




Not my pic but it's the same color (dark green/gold)...lugged Ishiwata steel, Ritchey/Deore/Sugino parts, Ritchey Pro Comp wheels with Kenda slicks, overall 8/10 condition. It's a bit small (18") but I put some risers on it and it rides great. I might do a little touring on it when the weather gets warmer.


It's definitely not a score like the $75 1981 Stumpjumper I bought for my ex-GF in 2004, but these days it's a damn good deal.

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It just cracks me up that everybody there knew how to handle the situation. I have no idea why that guy went so straight through that turn. Clearly his back brake works. If anyone has a link to the video that's clipped from, post it up.


FWIW, If that happened to me I would be completely unphazed and keep on riding. Then maybe post on 12oz about it.

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NYD hung over ride to start the year, was blowing cider chunks the whole way back.


And that Gif is ridiculous.


Thinking about buying a garmin this year, anyone have good/bad experiences with them?

For the last 6 months i have ridden without a computer and it hasn't phased me, TBH for long rides it gives me less ammo to play mind games with.

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soup - nevermind hitting the car and having a leg out on the corner - i've nearly had a head-on collission with a pack of dudes on ducatis gunning it down redwood rd. while they're on their way up, both of us using the center line as an apex.


makes you question your mortality for a second, but yeah, i did just ride it out after (and not post about it later haha :D).

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Wait, redwood rd? My redwood rd? Home of a pretty notorious hangout spot for wannabe

street racers and old guys with ducatis? Couldn't be one in the same. That would make

too much sense.


I too have had a few run ins with cars, turkeys, motorbikes and the like, and the lesson

I've learned by all of it is my brain is slow to react differently when shit is life or death.

It takes thirty minutes to an hour of ruminating before I realize what the worst case

scenario could've been, so I would've rode out of there perfectly intact thinking that's

how shit goes sometimes, then an hour later crippled by greif.



And uzzi, yes garmins are wonderful. I dont have one myself (yet). My only advice is don't run

it over with a truck. Apparently there's a risk of that happening a couple weeks into buying one.

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So I put some cash down on this frameset. They had 2 left 59 and 61, so I grabbed the 61.




and This Wheel Set but with White Spokes.(Phil Wood Hubs)




The rims are "made for" the bike shop. So I am not too sure on how they ride. They were just in my price range so I copped them too. I pick the bike up next month...

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