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looking into a retül fit

a bit pricey but i think it's worth it considering how much of myself i invest in riding and being competitive.

anyone ever have one done?


I've been reading a ton about bike fits lately, and from all the research, I can draw three conclusions:


1) It's not about propriety fitting systems (Retul, Wobblenaught, etc.), fancy tools/lasers/Motion Capture, etc. All that stuff helps but ultimately the fitter has to know what he's doing, and needs years of experience. So look first and foremost with someone with plenty of years of experience doing the type of fit you're looking for (competitive road).

2) Pick the brain of a few fitters before going with one. See what their background and beliefs are and if they mesh with what you're looking for.

3) Make sure, if they're doing a cleat fitting, that they're not "just" getting your ball over the pedal spindle. Any average joe can do that. What you want is wedges and shims if needed (and most people need wedges, myself included). They make you more efficient, more balanced on the bike and less likely to get knee problems.


Definitely good to just ask locals where to get fitted, too.

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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

Lap around the lake today

I made this

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I'm in the market for a new wheelset.


I've been looking at the Mavic Ksyrium Elite vs. the Easton EC70 sl


Anyone have any words of advice on either? They both seem to be solid wheelsets with good reviews all around and weight is about the same. Price is just about equal as well. Just trying to get a good feel before I drop near $700.



I have those Easton EC70SL wheels... I've only been using the front for about a month now. Never even touched the rear, it's just sitting there. I'll make you a better deal than $700 for the wheelset if you're interested. The front, while used, is in perfect condition.


PM me if interested.

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Table Rock was quite the hard race.


I made it 60 out of 70 miles with the 1/2/3's... on the last climb, a guy in front of me crashed, I was already slightly cramped but got gapped and got into full on cramps fighting to get back on, with two teammates behind me in the exact same boat. They solo'd off the back to the finish, I turned around and went to the parking lot.


I really couldn't get the fluids in me fast enough to offset what I was sweating. During the race, I drank my two water bottles I brought, another one from the neutral feed zone at the finish line, one from the support car 10 miles later (very classy move on the driver's part actually), one when I got dropped and then 2 more, one being a protein shake, when I got back to the car. Still ended up not peeing very much afterwards for the absurd amount of fluids I put down.


Other than that, the course was really fun. We hit 53.5mph top speed in a descent, and it was had some good winding turns. There was two major climbs with the first one being the longer/mellower one and the finish line climb being shorter and steeper, though not the 15% advertised grade. Afterwards there was a raffle, bbq and tons of free shit to go around. Mike Ripley definitely puts on some really legit races...

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C-Walk... I told you wrong. I actually have the Easton EA90 SLX wheels. They're Easton's lightest clincher wheelset at just under 1400g and come with ceramic bearings. I'll still come in under $700...

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moot's sexy simplicity is timeless. i don't think i've ever seen a bad build, no matter the color scheme their owners choose the bikes look good.



any body have experience w/ KHS stuff? i'd rather have something American, but the price is right on their frames.

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KHS is mostly garden variety Taiwanese stuff. I had a KHS Flite 100 frame/fork - no complaints really except the steel was a little soft and dented easier than expected from locking up. Really, the brand isn't much different than Fuji, Giant etc.


And damn, the more I look at that Moots, the more I like it. They really nailed it all on that build.

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