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So I'm looking into getting a Surly Steamroller frame to build up. I want to use it mainly as a commuter/fun ride, but also for a little light trail riding (I ride single speed MTB). Now the frame would cost me about $340 (I work at a shop B) ), but aside from that I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with fixed/ss parts.


So here is my query- what are parts you would suggest to build this up (fairly) cheaply? Weight isn't really a concern, I mainly want cheap/durable stuff. My only specification is that I want a flip-flop rear hub (fixed for normal riding, SS for any trail riding).


What I'd need are- Wheelset, bottom bracket, headset, stem, and cranks. Everything else I could probably scrounge up fairly easily without much trouble.


Wheelset - Formulas to Open Pros.

Stem - whatevers clever. If you're not racing, most threadless stems are for bling once you spend more dough... if you are racing, you get nice things like increased stiffness/lower weight with a higher dollar stem.

Cranks/BB - Kazane maybe. Or some SRAM Omniums if you want to spend a little more. I'm assuming your shop buys though QBP, in which case some Omniums at cost shouldn't be too hard to procure.


Just remember with some parts it's better to pay once and do it right. If you're only doing light trail riding, I don't think Open Pros will be a problem durability wise. Are you setting the bike up with cross tires?

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Thanks for the advice guys... However, today when I went into work I remembered I was poor as fuck and right now need a shitty commuter to get to class. So I bought an old Fuji someone had just traded in... Today I took off the derailers and brakes, tomorrow I'm going to replace the brakes and bars and throw a freewheel on the back and make a singlespeed.

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Damn, classic hipster mistake - Tri Spoke is on backwards for that anti-aeroness. Valve hole should be facing drive-side.


Re: Bike Maintenance: sheldonbrown.com/ is a good free resource, and there's also some good books out there. Parktools.com also comes to mind.


If you start working on bikes, you'll have to get some specialized tools. For one, it's nice having a workstand that holds the bike up if you're dealing with gears. There's some DIY ways to make them on the cheap as well. Also, a truing stand/spoke wrench/dish stick is a good combo to have on hand for building and truing wheels. Tuning derailleurs mostly involves standard tools like phillips screwdrivers, but if you get into cutting/replacing cables, you gotta have a nice set of cable cutters on hand. And bottom brackets and headsets both require special tools - in the case of BB's, different tools for different brands or types.

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attacked the front at least four seperate times in today's hilly RR... good times.

very technical descents which, riding where i live, i'm used to. hauled some ass and pushed the pace a bunch.

i'm sure i could have sat in a bit more and possibly done better but, well, i just didn't feel like it.

took fourth.

got 5 bucks and a t-shirt. lol.


approx 50mi. | 4,893 ft

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