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first 4's road race today.

got to the start a bit later than i would have liked and ended up in the back for the rollout.

not a good idea considering the field of 100, roads that were crazy narrow and the center line rule being in effect.

legs were yelling at me from the get go, but i started to feel a bit more solid about half way in.

the first half hour was really rough with all the slowing and sketchy riders, eventually people settled down but would get spooked and twitchy the minute a car would pass - queue the "SLOWING"x100.

it felt impossible to move up, and every time i found myself toward the front i'd get caught behind a group who decided they were dropping back. arrgh.

i knew i had to be up toward the front on the final lap, so i started trying to make my way forward.

all the while i'm thinking to myself that it's probably not a good idea- considering the way everyone was riding - then the surge happened and i went.

i was able to catch the tail end of it and was positioning myself inside the group when the rider in front of me burnt out, and basically decided to fall back- leaving me nowhere to go with the tight pack.

once i was able to pull out it was clear that i didn't have the juice to bridge, so i just started digging.


turned the final corner with the group about 30meters ahead and just about everyone in the pack hits the deck. shit was brutal.

i roll by and about 3 dudes are actually standing, everyone else was on the ground agonizing.


all in all i learned some good lessons today

mainly: get my ass to the start earlier than everyone, that is - until i have a team to work with.

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Damn, that sounds a lot like how our first RR of the year was - damn near impossibly to move up in the pack. Even with a team out there you can still get stuck inside a box and get fucked. Races with that many people on a flat course just aren't fun - there has to be some hills or something to break up the group and send some people home off the back. One of the reasons I like track so much...

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Edit: picture is too big, just click on the link: http://trackosaurusrex.com/pblog/images/March21st2010KKC.jpg


Just got back from this ride. Kind of a Portland Spring Classicy thing in a way... some rain, some climbing, some gravel roads filled with bumps and potholes, and of course all the fast guys don't run fenders so lots of water spray in your face as you huddle into the group and avoid the headwinds.


Rode some new roads I haven't been out to before. It's amazing how much good road riding there is just outside Portland; stuff I would have never known about if I didn't ride a bike or have family living out in some of these remote-ish areas above the city. Everyone stayed together until we hit the gravel, and then things got strung out and people started dropping off the back. The dedicated CX guys really shined through because they could take the gravel turns a lot more confidently then everyone else. Coincidentally, they were also some of the fastest guys. Anyways, the ride/race was going great and I was feeling good, but got dropped from a small lead pack of a select few cat 1/2 guys (after we dropped everyone else, of course) and then rode in no-man's land for awhile and missed a turn on the route. When I realized there was no one anywhere near me behind, I turned around, hit the intersection I missed, waited for some stragglers and rode with them to the finish (all the while doing my best to blow up their group a little bit on the climbs :D). All in all a fun ride; not quite all out racing, but not quite a Sunday spin.


Tomorrow: the Lawyer Ride...

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So I'm looking into getting a Surly Steamroller frame to build up. I want to use it mainly as a commuter/fun ride, but also for a little light trail riding (I ride single speed MTB). Now the frame would cost me about $340 (I work at a shop B) ), but aside from that I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with fixed/ss parts.


So here is my query- what are parts you would suggest to build this up (fairly) cheaply? Weight isn't really a concern, I mainly want cheap/durable stuff. My only specification is that I want a flip-flop rear hub (fixed for normal riding, SS for any trail riding).


What I'd need are- Wheelset, bottom bracket, headset, stem, and cranks. Everything else I could probably scrounge up fairly easily without much trouble.

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