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my strategy so far..........on some shitty roads, or with not enough room, I pretty much take the lane, and ride in the middle of it.

Good or bad? not sure..........but it seems to keep alot of drivers from doing stupid shit. and when its safe, i move to the left and they can pass.

Yes please do this.
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ok. i was riding tubulars on the street because i got a complete pursuit road bike 3 months ago, which was a little too small, which came with tubulars. i swapped the parts onto a bigger frame, and had no money to get new wheels because i got bills. first flat was on the rear, and i fixed it with the vittoria foam 2nd flat was on the front, and someone loaned me a clincher wheel, which i got a flat on too, 4th was yesterday morning on my way to work on the back where i ran over an anti theft button which took out my back wheel again. i have no reason to front, and im too old to be a hipster.



i was just having a laugh at your expense / venting on dumb shit i see sometimes. nothing personal. do you man. but dead the tubulars if you have flat luck like that.

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San marcos are classic the same way sambas or chuck taylors are classic. You can't beat em, only be different. Tom Boonen's been riding a regal for years and just keeps getting the same one reupholstered. Im thinking of buying one just so I have a real saddle instead of this plastic one i got off the pista concept. Plus those big fat pointless rivets sing to me.


Has anyone cut their steerer tube before? With spacers I dont think it matters how jagged and shitty a cut it is....right? I kindof want to lose the nub.

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Yeah, that's pretty much maximum fail when you ovalise your headset because you were too impatient or heavy handed with a malled. IF it's a good shop they'll also have a facing tool and make sure everything fits super nice.


I don't play with hubs or wheel builds either. I'll true a wheel, but that's it for me. I work to earn money so I can pay other people to do things I can't do well myself.

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I know how to install a headset with stuff you can buy at any hardware store, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you had seen it done before and I would never do it on an aluminium frame. I can also install crown races using similar means, but same as above.


In other news, I got my cross bike back and put platform pedals on it today. I stilll need to replace the brake pads and install a rack though.

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yeah, i've seen jerry-rigged presses that seemed pretty safe.

long bolt, a big nut, and 2 steel washers and 2 rubber washers.


i'm still going to a shop.


i just spent $700 on backpacking gear. this will be a good summer and fall.

still got atleast 200 more to spend...

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Todays race was fucked... I knew it was going to be.


A long neutral start due to some broken road surface and then a turn... a surge... and next thing you know three guys are off the front. For a few miles at least they never get more than maybe 15 seconds up the road so there's no real fire in the main field to bring them back right away... but being the uber-domestique that I am I go to the front and hammer it anyway. I get one guy to work with me and we take turns doing pulls. I eventually get wicked tired and look back for someone else to pull through. I motion for the guy in third wheel to move up and pull through. The kid looks me in the eyes and says "I have no interest in that.". What the fuck was he doing third wheel in the chase then? At about mile twenty I start to notice that the group of three is struggling and eventually one of them comes back into the field. At about mile thirty it's pretty obvious these guys are gaining time on the main field. I go to the front again and the same guy I was doing rotations with earlier is already there, so we work together again. Eventually some more guys start pulling through and we actually get a steady paceline going. Unfortunately... that lasted for maybe a mile. I slip back into the group and recover for a bit. My team captain gives me the plans for the final five miles so I sit tight and wait. I get the word that the break is a minute and 15 seconds up the road... and now is the time for us, my team, to pull it back. Six of us go to the front and just lay it down. We do get some help this time from two other teams and we get the break within ten seconds of being brought back into the fold. They hang out there for a bit and there's a few surges to bridge but none really stick. It was kinda interesting to see that most of us in the field were so spent from the fast pace that we couldn't even bridge a ten second gap. The weather and the wind didn't help. With about 3k to go we catch the break and immediately one of my team mates goes for a solo flyer. He gets caught with about 2k to and them again, another team mate takes a flyer. He gets caught with about 1k to go. Then the guy who I was doing pulls with earlier takes a flyer and I sit on his wheel because I'm so fucking tired that there's no way I can pull through. Doesn't matter though because we get caught shortly after anyway. I have no idea where it came from but I went for a flyer and got about five feet up the road and my thigh seized on me. I moved to the right and tried to stretch it out. It worked but all I could do was stroll in for the finish. I don't think I finished last but damn near it.


I felt pretty good during the race and to be able to chase a few times and and work with the team to bring the break back let me know that my form is not completely lost after my crash. A few more weeks training and I should be alright.


Oh yeah, at one point we had to almost come to a stop due to a bad crash up the road in the Pro 1/2 field. Apparently someone collided with a van as the van passed the field of riders. Absolutely insane...

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damn, ill. your race reports are always awesome dude.



i rented a decent bike on saturday in sf. giant tcr, all ultegra, ksyriums. it was pretty comfy, light, full carbon. not too bad, classless though.


rode from the marina into the presidio, up to golden gate park, out to ocean beach, down to the bridge, over the bridge, did the headlands loop, back to the marina. shit was NICE! not too cold, but a lil chilly. felt like i rode 70 miles of my home turf. so many hills. dudes in sf dont play, i was getting sonned left and right, but i wa son some eat a banana tourist type shit. super fun. i would love to ride there every day.

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Jesus I hope the cat 1/2 pack's okay. I imagine the van wanted to pass the pack and the pack wasn't slowing down to let him back in so he kamikazeed the whole group.


Hesh what kind of terrain does philly have? Anything?



Im sitting in my garage right now stripping the paint of my frame's rear triangle with Jasco....


For no reason what so ever. It'll either make the bike look like a rat roadie... or look totally fucking rediculous. Either way I dont care because I checked out the Aluminum soloist today and I'm fucking sold.


Im thinking older polished veloce shifters with the holes in the levers, black veloce brakes, FSA K-light cranks, ceramic fsa mega exo bb, chrome deda stem and polish out my Control tech ergo bars so the entire front end is shiny (/no homo). Friend just gave me some old chrome nokon cable housing for a dollar so this shit may possibly out-robocop Joker's old CR1.


Either way Im dreaming here. Like i said it's a couple months out. I'm considering just selling my motorcycle tho and getting it now but she's a little hard to part with.

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