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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

ive missed clipless          


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it's been a long while...


life for me is good, ive been getting in all my training (little more then 50 hours for feb.) My first race of the season is on sat. 15 mile TT. should hurt like hell but that's why we ride.


riding with Team Snowvalley is great. the U23 team has met up twice for training rides... This summer should be a lot of fun.


I'll keep everyone posted and hope all is well for everyone else out there





awww what a sweet message..




remember... we fuck as hard as we ride

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Been kinda quiet about coming on the 12's but I thought I would check in and shoot the shit for a bit while I'm bored on this Thursday night...


My winter training is coming close to an end, which is fine by me. The miles in the rain have been brutal this year. Though right now it's real nice out so I guess I can't really complain much any more.


Race season started about a month ago and I've already done four races this year. This Sunday is the final race in a three series race. I'm sitting in 7th place overall so I'm hoping to finish third or better in the race to do well overall. I can't win the series because even if I place in first on Sunday, it won't give me enough points to win the overall. I think third is the best I can hope for if I do well in the final race. I'm feeling good though and have been running the race over and over in my mind. Trying to think how I can win this weekend. I think I just need to let it go and do what comes naturally. Otherwise I'll over analize it.


I'm sitting fourth for the BAR right now as well. The season is early but it's a good morale boost to know I'm sitting high in my category overall.


Been getting about 45 to 50 hours a month as well. Been finally able to do some hill intervals and I've definitely improved over last year. So the coaching thing has really helped. Not to mention riding for a serious team who works hard and helps me out. Cinnamon can back me up on that I'm sure.


I hope with the weather coming to a better place that everyone is getting out and riding more.


Hope all is well with my two wheeled friends...

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I am going to put a BMX stem on my bike I think, a friend gave me a cool one and it is 1 1/8th so I might as well, I think it would be kind of cool. Would this be a problem, I think it would work.


This thread has disappeared, but it is spring so y'all better start riding again!

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Originally posted by Joker@Mar 11 2005, 01:43 AM

My winter training is coming close to an end, which is fine by me. The miles in the rain have been brutal this year. Though right now it's real nice out so I guess I can't really complain much any more.




you should be grateful you don't have to ride a trainer for 5 months. it really, really sucks... on the plus side, my pedal action is smoother than ever.

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woo i been out riding most every night. just street lots..ive been having so much fun riding those shopping cart things at grocery stores. you know where you're supposed to like put the carts back when youre done. the one thing i learned about them though..is that the bolts holding them into the ground..really dont hold them into the ground that well.

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it's been great here.

weather is nice, even though this morning it has been chilly chill

it was good riding weather.


i've been riding my little bmx minithrasher,

it was my first bike ever, i still have it and put it back in working order a year or two ago.

so tiny, but so much fun.

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Never heard of Kevin Porter. Must be a BMXer. Something I don't know much about anymore.


The early race season is really underway and I have been getting more and more tired. The ticker is tired my friends. Tired. I've let go of coaching due to funds, or lack there of. Though I have all my monthly journals from the past two years so I have a good grasp of what needs to be done and how to progress. The weekly crit series has started as well and everyone is riding very, very fast. It's kinda nice because this weeds out the weaker more dangerous riders. One of the reasons I always try to stay in the top ten of the pack during any race. Been suffering from cramps in my calves during surges but I'm hopefully working that out. Everyone seems to have a remedy to prevent or combat cramps. Hopefully one of these will help me. I had a race a few weekends ago and I was feeling saucy. We were about a kilometer from the finish line and the road started to go up. There was about 35 guys left in the main group and nobody wanted to take off for the line first. Last thing I wanted was a mass sprint finish, uphill. So I took off on my own. Soon as I got about fifteen feet ahead of the group, my calves seized up. Hurt so bad that I thought the feeling would never go away... that I wouldn't be able to click my shoes out. I stretched the calves out by standing up and the feeling went away fairly quickly. By this time the pack was about 30 feet ahead of me. I stayed standing and gunned it to catch back on. Somehow I managed to pass up all the riders that had passed me except for the first fourteen guys. I finished fifteenth for the day but it could have been worse had I given up. All I could think about though was if I didn't cramp, I would have crossed the line in first place. When I cramped it took a bit before someone passed me. So I knew I was going good and had the energy to go to the line alone. So I was pretty shattered by the result. Oh well. Lesson learned.


Got my new bike as well. That has been a treat. The team I'm on is also sponsored by Polar HRM and RitcheyUSA so I picked up some nice treats for the new ride. We just got sponsored ny Rudy Project too so I can finally get some new glasses and retire my Jan Ullrich Tayo specials.


Anyway... here's a link to a photo of yours truly sprinting for the line. I ended up in third or fourth for this race... can't remember right now. I'm the one in Black and Yellow.



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sup yall. im looking to do some long distance touring, hopefully coast to coast, unsupported (ill be camping, bringing everything with me and staying in few to no hotels but possibly some friends places)


i was wondering if any of yall knew of some good cross country routes, tips on touring, camping, places to stay, etc. ill be leaving within the next month and going from pennsylvania to southern california. any help would be appreciated.

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