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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

ive missed clipless          


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OA, keep it going.. not bad for a jump from c's to b's, I'm happy your not sand baging like most people. yes jess anthony is going to be hard to beat i saw the race write up, but we are riding for the same team. not like i can help b/c i can't even hang with him


did a race in DE on sat. got 4th.


this is the race write up for sunday. it was sweet..i won the respect of a lot of people even though i didn't win. It was exciting. I didn't write the write up but it's pretty accuate.


i'll try to find the one for sat. i have it somewhere


With twenty-nine riders on the start line and the cold winds still howling across the course, the Elite Men’s race promised to be another good one. Greg Wittwer (Cyclocrossworld.com) got off the line first but carried way too much speed into the first turn, resulting in a struggle to stay on course and allowing Glenn Turner (Evolution Racing) to take the lead. Turner’s lead was short-lived as Mike Yozell (Fort/GPOA) came flying past him. Close behind Yozell was teammate Ryan Leech. With Leech doing the lion’s share of the work, the pair started increasing the distance between themselves and a group containing Wittwer, Joe Reynolds (Wissahickon) and another Fort/GPOA teammate, Gunnar Shogren. Just as everyone thought that Leech and Yozell were gone for good, Wittwer dropped into another gear, jumped away from Shogren and Reynolds and bridged to the Fort/GPOA duo up front. Not content to simply make contact, Wittwer immediately attacked again. Yozell matched his acceleration but it was too much for Leech who was unable to go with the charging duo. Yozell not only matched Wittwer’s jump, he continued to drive the pace upward, eventually riding away from the Charlottesville, Virginia rider. Behind the Yozell - Wittwer battle, Shogren and Reynolds had been joined by Greg Marini (Bike Doctor). Shogren, Reynolds and now Marini, passed a fading Leech and soon a fading Wittwer. As one spectator observed out loud “there was a whole lot of detonation taking place out there.” With only Yozell ahead of them, it became a three-way battle for second place. Reynolds started to run out of steam late in the race, leaving Marini and Shogren to fight over the order of the top three. At the end, it was Yozell racking up his second straight Evo Cross win and Marini riding in ahead of Shogren for second place. Reynolds finished behind Shogren for fourth. Fifth place was claimed by Kris Auer (Alan MidAtlantic) who passed a struggling Wittwer within sight of the finish line. Wittwer finished sixth and was also the first U-23 rider across the line.

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gah, i wanna ride so bad, but its getting so cold and shitty here so quickly. soon ill be riding at chenga all the time oh well i can stand it for a few weeks i guess :\



cinnamon, glad to see youre kickin some ass at the races and winning respect..thats always good, now dont be holding out on those pictures of your lady friend!!

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Yo SteveAustin,

The best way to get in shape IS to compete!

Get out there and have fun! Cross is more of

an individual race anyway. Sometimes the only

person we compete with is ourselves but that's

ok. Just finishing a race is respectable, and fun!

How often do you get to go all out on a Closed

course. No cars no nerds running in front of you.

That's the real fun. What about the beer? Around

here the beer is an important part of the cyclocross.

How bout where you ride? It's still early season

don't throw in the towel now!


Go get muddy and stuff.



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OK Bike People, General Announcement.

Or Constructive Criticsim.


When you take flicks of your fly pista you must do it justice.


1. Photo the drive side of the bike to show off the nice cranks.

2. Rotate the crank so the non-drive side crank arm is hidden

by the seat-tube. This shows off most of the frame decals.

3. The finishing touch, make sure the valve stems on the wheels

are in the same position. This lines up the tire labels as well.

Assuming you have the labels lined up with the valves.

Follow these three steps and you will have proffessional style

photos of your pro setup. Just like a catalog. Now you're really

the envy of your 12oz buddies. But seriously I have seen a few

pictures up here that don't show the bikes in the best view. It's a

shame cause there are some nice bikes people are sharing and

we don't get to see the whole show.

Hope this is helpful.


Kidlugz nice ride.

Details, Man, Details... are those low flange Campy hubs to match the cranks.

Complete Campy gruppo? If so those hubs are excedingly RARE. The saddle is hot with the underside sealed up. What tubing? Columbus? We gotta know these things.

I have that pegged for 83' but 85' tops. What's the story. A bike like that always has

a history. In very nice condition too. Good post.



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Guest kidlugz

that's not my bike. i believe it belongs to some guy named 'gio' from italy. i pulled it off the fg gallery because of the bizarre kink in the seat tube accomodating the insanely tight geometry. according to 'gio' it's a 1980 zoni, "a steel frame signed Giovanni Losa, and mounted by Carlo Zoni, Gerenzano, Varese, a little town near Milano in the north of Italy. Steer, fork, crank, bottom braket and pedals are Campagnolo Pista, hubs Gipiemme (32 holes),weels Ambrosio Syntesis with soldered spokes,handlebar and stem 3ttt, seat San Marco."


there you have it.


you've made some good points though.

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steve... as long as you keep riding life will always be good... sometimes when imout there i want a motorcycle real bad



some pics from sat. race. you'll figure out who i am.. in the long sleeve crossworld


















he's the one that won



coming in 4th place


i want a fancy track bike all i have is a 1984 coicc conversion fixie

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nice flix crunch.


seeing that shit is driving me nuts. I talked to one of the guys I used to race with last night. He was trying to talk me into racing my way back into shape as well. I decided I'd at least look at some of the races and maybe enter one or two.


yo original...have you posted on here under a different name before?

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Hey SteveAustin

No other names for me.

I've been sneaking around on here for like 2 years.

King of hell hipped me to the Bicicletas.

My hometown thread isn't worth posting in.

Channel Zero is cool, funnier than sitcoms!

And the bicycle channel.



Thanks for the info that is a very special bicycle.

I was interested because a friend of mine had a similar frame

different Builder.(I'm not sure but I think it was a cyclops) The

base of the seat tube was crimped like an old steel chainstay.

Very coolsuper short wheelbase.



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I rode the local training cross race wed. nite.

McCormack is always there. He talks in the back

for a lap and then works his way to the front. So

when he passed me I stayed with him for a 1/4 lap.

Fast course but I NEVER road that fast through

corners on a cross bike, EVER! Quite a learning

experience. He lost me at the barriers. The best

part was I used him to bridge the gap to the next

group. I was an Elite racer for 2 min.!!!!!



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well, heres some pictures of the remaining sets of trails







thats some black death water right there











that jump there is kinda scary...you hit the first one and come barrelling down that hill and have no choice but to hit it. shit launches you so high.



looking up the hill


well thats it for now, ill get some more before winter

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man i wish i could train with Matt during the week... and im sure jess anthony is there too. that's what i hate about being the ONLY serious cross rider in richmond i have no one to train with. makes a big difference over the course of a season. anyway raced against all those boy over the weekend and got whooped up on... finished 25th and 26th. 4 and 5th in the U23's not great races but not bad races... my good will come

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Hey CTC804,

Anything in the Elite field is respectable, but

I know a true competitor doesn't want to hear

that shit. For cross; the place to be is up hurr.

There's alot of racing and training races.

These people are cross crazy. You'll see

this weekend. The big "G" buddy! Are you

ready? Two days of pain! Ah HA HA HA !!!!!

See you there CycloCrossWorld.comski!


Area(I want a top 10)MZ

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