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Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover


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Originally posted by Stratege@Mar 8 2006, 04:19 PM

the most painted trains rollin in cologne

yeah my tally from one afternoon

5 t2b whole cars (wholetrain)

1 t2b

25 assorted panels

and more that i misssed shots of but saw.


Rome naples,


hamburg is usually okay




forget scandinavia


forget poland nowadays


baltic states -forget it


ljubljana slovenia is okay


budapest hungary


bucharest romania subways only


belgrade serbia trains trams running



I only know this because I went there last year the situation may have changed drastically in a year

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from me last summer

London 1 day- no subways (or'tubes') just undersides.. but casught 3-4 panels n lots of tags on commuters


Paris 1 day- no panels, actully yes i saw a copuple panels, not running but looking in the tunnels dowtown.. but lots of topsides aerosol tags on those big trains lots of inks on the subway (especailly this skinny lookni one might be a specail subsatance see it on all the subways)


Rome few days- Thousands T2b of wholecars!! haha


Prague 1 day - One T2b and maybe 4-5 panels.. (commuter or intercity im not sure where those big blue trains go, and those white trains with green on top (any body know? all around country or the just go to suburbs of prague?)


Vienna 1 day - 0 panels as expected


Poland.. yea.. Lodz no but Warsaw 1 day - maybe 8 panels and a fucknig wholcar i saw at bus staion but didnt catch FUCK!!


Berlin- 2 datys no panels.. some insides undersides thats it


Brussels- Holy shit Thanks Loco!.. i would have never had any interst in this city but i went there 1 day and caught countles panels,.. ill guess 60!! fucking crazy (by the way chek my thing again ill start posting flix soon)


Amsterdam 1 day- almost 10 panels.. some outline damage..


copenhegan- 1 day 15 panels or more.. was beutiful.. perfect


Fuck i wish went to Cologne.. and have to chek out slovenia.. naples etc.. next time around..

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Originally posted by skirmfirm@Mar 9 2006, 11:26 AM

2 choices for mays roadtrip




rome will be hotter


stockholm will be cheaper


??? wat would you choose

You WILL see panels in rome-qaulity is a bit variable


stockholm is NOT cheaper yuo will also NOT see panels in stockholm!

unles you luck right in!

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