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Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

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so there's a european Screw now???Come on dude really?


theres probably multiple people writing Screw in europe. i think youll find a lot of europeans wouldnt have even heard of the american screw. its not being ignorant, many just dont care about checking the internet to find out whos doing what over there.

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^^^^^^^^^^^ yeah man graffiti has really gotten out of control since the internet came to life changed the game, writers now have to adapt, its true half of these new writers american and european alike could care less about the people who have paved the road in graffiti, i guess us true underground panel painting upper eshalon aluminaty writers have to stick toghether and ignore this shit, or how do we addrese it beatdowns is not answer, all grff writers that are not snitches are part of the over all family, just lower on the totem pole so these biters are like our little brothers it might be our fault for not implementing some type graff constitution..lol ineed to go cheif another im out, just my two cents....respect to all the graff writers in the world that have died in the line of duty since day one!

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and the wold outside the US ist definitaly much more important, especially in graffiti.


even the laziest european trainbombers are doing more than any US namesake, plus those do real trains! theres a reason why 95% of the shown flix in this thread are from europe

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another thing your confused about is most american subway panelers not commuters, subway painters refuse to share there pictures. tons of subways get painted in the usa 365 days a year the catch is your not privy to this information. nor will you ever be. cuz real bad boys move in silence.. dont fool yourself,, and to top it all off some of the freshest panels out of europe not all but plenty come from writers abroad all continents...but who gives a fuck names will always get biten and so will styles and ideas, get over it toy mentality ass flakes, soft ass baby niggaz....

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