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Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

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Re: Solid writters Do Concrete Graffiti, the only motion is in the letters and colors


Originally posted by TimeHasCome

Same to you, thats all you know.

I got some first hand, but for the rest of the countries I know some active writters that give me that scoop.


Im saying this, them trains should be like a CANVAS, do something good on it, NOT FOR TOYS to go out there and learn on it, and heat it up for the rest of them, and cost the line so much money for they're damage.


You can paint trains for ten years, and only trains, and MOST OF THE WRITTERS IN YOUR CITY WOULD HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU UP.


I have rode on the metro rail, it's like an L train here in Florida, for 6 years now, thousands of times, and I have never seen anything on it, or anything ever running.

And thats that numerous writters have hit it up during the years.

That has nothing to do with you guys but I figured I'd share that.


Fuck it, I don't see nothing productive coming out of what I am saying.

I won't change shit your all just stuck on the system.

I wouldn't mind to hit one when down there, but to go from line to line fucking shit up, I won't feel human, thats some coward shit.


Its different on freights, they're all mainly dirty, all rusty, not painted nice from the beginning, with drips or different color patches, there you can compete on them, and go from freight to freight bombing on the and piecing them up or doing wholecars top 2 bottoms,

theres no damage there,

they are parked in the alleys of the citys, bla bla bla

i can go on but you won't see the point, until someone fucks up your property.....


Like that train says, FUCK IT

its ok to do it once, but to live of it, your killing they're profit.

Theres rules to the game.

When the trains are gone, you are to.

If your Graffiti is always moving and dissapearing your NOT A SOLID WRITTING,

Graffiti is CONCRETE




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