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Re: Re: No No


Originally posted by GAWS

I agree with you to the fullest. I know who made that list too. Its easy.

Look at the bottom of some of "FEEZONE'S" posts in the Northwest Superthread section. It says..."last edited by KR... bla bla bla". Thats the same thing it says on the bottom of all of "Intangible Fame's" posts. Therefore, Intangible Fame is Feezone! I know because I did research on this shit for the past week. I know who the Boss is too. Both of these 2 fools are underestimating the real deal. Dont think your slick by changing your login name on here. I know this too. Im like Inspector Gadget mutha fucka:mad:


You did research for a week? Lame bro...you spend your life on the computer analyzing shit like hard on harding. Get over yourself, you know nothing. If you are who sent me that email talking about a 'rat' and playing both sides your a fucking moron. You dont know me, so dont try and act like you do.


On My Time

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intangible fame (if)


Why lie about it? Theres nothing to fear right?:rolleyes:

Well, if Im wrong, tell me why feezone has posts acting like me in the Northwest super thread with "Last edited by Kr430n5_666" at the bottom. Thats the same thing you have on yours. Am I right?:king: Boom! Thats it.

You dont know me. Why do you spend the time on me like that? I love you too but I think we need to end this relationship.

Either way, I am Gause oner. And here is my REAL list...

Deaser (not the "deas" above^)




You were way off with your list. Big ups to the homies on that list


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{yeh iunno im still halfbaked frm last nitre n cant fuiger this scanner out}


ne ways whys the 206 have so much beef its all bout whos the oldest n best n right now i have to say ubk {95}, ub been gettin crossed by ec n hella young ass writer that started cause they wanna be sumthing they dont even know


-Gauzer ur up dude- ive been kickin it wit anue and hitting up recently wit geno n he saw some prices sayin id be good fer ub tho said i gots to meeet u n devr so i got hella cans maybe we can bomb sumtime

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Re: Fuck seattle.


Originally posted by feezone

all the crews there are gay. ecxept for OSM and UBK. all you other fag writers love to talk shit about us. but u are to pussy to even hack us or fight us. since you spend al yuor time on the internet stead of bombing like real writters. i'll call all U out cuz i no you gay nigaz iz on the internet.



all you have fucked with us so now u no u will get killed the next time we see any of you, you will die. Gay fags.

this may be hella old but wut tha fuck. wut are u talkin about u stupid bitch. shit all tha ppl that u dissed will straight up kill u. fuck it im out.
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