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Ummm.... Im a toy..

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Critique this shit


i started a new thread cuz there was a bunch of shit that didt need to be in my other so herethe new stuff...

heres an update




am i going the wrong way?

if pics dont show let me know

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^check the handstyle on this too... Yeah B dont go with this one^



ignore the E i got bored







so critique this please


*if pics dont show up let me know

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these are actually pretty clean. You letters are consistent in width and they look nice. Keep up with this.

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uh.... you need to work oon the flow of the more detailed letters... i dont like the simple shit. dont think that its bad, its just that i dont like stuff thats too simple. well, at least you have a good handstyle.. how long have you been writing?

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lets just say that i was going in the worng direction for way to long and i did a complete overhaul and started over about 2 1/2 months.. everything in this thread from the re-beggining ...um i thought my handstyle was really bad...?

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Those aren't that bad man. They're not blwoing my mind or anything hehe..but you're on the right track for sure. Keep it up.


ps. being a toy is a lot more than just lack of skill..I've met 'real' writers that act pretty damn toyish. I'm sure we all have....


311. nice.

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well. since it's a month old i wont say much, alot can change in a month...but since i dont believe you? it sucks. as you have clearly pointed out, the 3-d is horrible. make it more simple to start out, copy bill board fonts. worked for me.

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