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song at your funeral

Guest beardo

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sign my name on the book at your funeral

the zig's on the hip with an extra clip

cuz i'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6



do dwee do doot da

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Guest fr8lover

i dont want to sound like a beardo, but ill restate that "dirt" by phish would probably be my choice by far. it almost makes me cry everytime i hear it.

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Originally posted by ink Lunatic

I don;t know if i want a funeral...


I'd like to be thrown off a big ship...In a white bag.

like back in the day


the only sound the roar of the waves.


what a morbid thread...haha


id come to your party Are2...

a viking funeral!!


[This message has been edited by ink Lunatic (edited 09-06-2001).]



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Bob Marley - "Redemption Song"

John Lennon - "Imagine"

The usual funeral song for at the church. But it is a good song. "Amazing Grace"


Just thought of another song.

Thank you Lord by Bob Marley.

Got to listen to it agin to make sure it's appropriate.

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hmmm... difficult though i think about it alarmingly often.. the main contenders are:

Boards Of Canada - Live at All Tomorrow's Parties - Track 1 (the most wonderful track EVER, get it now, if you can find it. its easiest with soulseek(.org))

UNKLE - Lonely Soul (preferably instrumental version :))

Boards of Canada - Olson (short and sweet)

Radiohead - Exit Music (kind of an obvious one to choose, but hey, what the hell)

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (original version naturellement)

Massive Attack - Protection

cLOUDDEAD - I Promise Never To Get Paint On My Glasses Again Pt.2 (weeiird)

and even more boards of canada.


all the songs should be played at the funeral, in the order that i desperately try to remember them on my deathbed.

and while we're on the topic of death, my epitaph will read:

'------ --------


any of you in switzerland will understand the soul of that acronym. i don't have a particular interest for the swiss train operator, but the letters are nice and remind me of. umm. switzerland. eh? whatever.

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"The Show Must Go On"- Queen

"Who Wants To Live Forever"- Queen

"Divinity of Loneliness"- Section 8 (a little after 2 and half minutes in, oh my, I can't describe how much I love this song*)

"Life of My Own"- Cro-Mags


I know I'm leaving something out...


*This is just a beautiful song, but it make's more sense if I committed suicide, which won't happen. The point still stand's though. I want it played.

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Guest SerialRapisT

My funeral


When I commit suicide or die in some planned accident...


I want:


******* - Jets to Brazil


and the trumpets pounded in my ears

and the sun shone black as / as

sackcloth of hair

and the path was paved with treachery

joy joy for I was recieved

in thy knock I heard an open door

and I brought the Lamb /

with the seven horns

the beasts and elders fell /

before the lamb

and angels teemed /

ten thousand strong

the angels teemed ten thousand strong

and the armies flew upon the earth

and the locust rose with the scorpions

and we were sealed /

according to our deeds

joy joy for I was recieved

in the dark I heard omega call

for one to rise one first must fall

and the angels and the insects fed

and together made a man of men

and together made a man of men



to be played at my funeral. Little 2 minute song that I think kicks ass!



(no copyright intended to be enfringed with the lyrics)

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Guest SerialRapisT
Originally posted by maskoner

i will be the PIG... with the apple in my mouth... the food that CELEBRATES YOUR END!


W00t! Saves the Day rulz!

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