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illest kicks (back to school edition)

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back to school time and you know what back to school means....it means fall is just around the corner and you know what that means....its going to be colder and youll have to break out the jeans which means switching up shoes so the question is....what will you be rocking???

just picked up:

white leather reebok classics (new style)

white suede and mesh reebok classics with a blue accent (new style)



brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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Guest Remy Martin

Two pairs of Saucony Shadows,

one pair greyish silver and white with grey laces..fat laced and untied of course

second pair, black with greyish silver and black laced..

new painting shoes, black and red air maxes 01 edition

and of course, makin the bucks..with a pair of 16 dollar vinyle guido loafers that I rock with my marshalls slacks and cardin shirt..

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Well, I kind of ruined all my old fall/winter shoes, SO, I'm going shoe shopping next week. I'm buying a rusty red suede pair of boots (mid calf), classy brown boots (to the knee), new balance sneakers, and light blue etnies (maybe)



you are beautiful, just not on the inside

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hmm some shoes i wouldn't mind having.


DC Stevie Williams, red and white.

them LAKAI reebok classic ripoffs.

Eric Koston ones.

VANS Half Cabs.. the o.g. black ones.

Etnies Mike Vallely's.

DVS Kerry Getz.


i think that's it.

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i just going to rock the white with royal blue trim air forces i got a month ago. theyre clean as fuck so...if i get new ones, im getting the orange trim-color doesnt match anthing i got so it matches everything. think about that.

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i just hollared at a pair reebok classics,white pumas(they look so ill without socks)the red and white jordans,and the old school Nikes with the big swoosh in white and blue.

Damn I never pay for shoes,I just jack from places like Marshels,Rack Room shoes,and sports authority.Ill wear shoes for like a month then go to one of them stores and find a pair I like put them, off pull those sensors off, and put my old shoes back in the box.


[This message has been edited by pauliewalnuts (edited 08-20-2001).]

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Guest unknown

black chuck taylor high tops

black vans old skools

grey (and green from mowing the lawn) reebok classics


soon to come:

white and black checkered slip on vans

blue chuck taylor low cuts

some kind of skate shoe

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