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pressing charges after you catch lumps - what happened to taking it like a man?


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to make a long story short my wigger roomate slapped my girl in the face last night then threatened to shoot my house up. he spent the night in the hospital with badly broken ribs and his dome fucked up. now one of my boys is facing felony charges since the wigger spit his name out. what happened to taking an ass beating like a man and sucking it up?

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

I'm guessing it's due fact that anyone who hits a girl is a Grade A Vagina.



And good job for you/someone else fucking up the roommate who hit your girl. That shit is fucked up.



I dunno man...if a girl came up to me and socked me one, I wouldn't feel bad about clockin' her jaw.

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<span style='color:pink'>:hatred: don't even get me started on this. :hatred: a few of the older 12oz heads may remember this. a while back, some dudes i had beef with were following me around town. everytime i would stop, they would rather keep going. later that evenig, i was at a stop light next to them. i told them, "what!?" they laughed and said "nothing" so even later now there are 4 people in the truck, 3 guys, 1 girl. they are behind me, on my ass again. i pull over to the side of the road. not a busy street. walk up to the truck, grab the driver, tear his shirt off (homoblock on) and begain to kick his ass. his twin brother who is sitting shotgun, finally decides to grow some balls and help his brother out, he throws one punch that kind of connects, so i am hanging halfway in the truck punching him now. the cat in the back just watched. the driver decides to drive away, with me still hanging in the truck. i jump out. end of story. well not really. a few days later, i get 2 suppenas (sp?) the twins are now suing me for assult and the girl with them is presing charges against me, because she feared for her life. what kind of gay shit... fuck! ah, well i got off scott free. Nothing had happened to either case in a 90 day span, so when we went to court, evrything was dropped. </span>

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Is when some bitch ass disrespects you while ur' eating dinner in a fine establishment (DENNY'S)with ur lady. And then this bitch ass gets cracked,and then you go to jail and charges too. Witnesses and everything and the god still got locked up w/charges. And as far as the

bitch ass that started the whole shit, he was let go after some medical care.

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Chris Rock says:

I'd never ever ever hit a woman, but I'd shake the shit outta her.


The problem is that there is no honour these days.

I mean imagine gentlemen dueling with pistols,

or swords or whatever. There was a rule that you didnt pull bitch

or everyone would shit on you. Even your own friends.

No honour these days.

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I've done time and probation for assault and

had two PPO's put on me.


A couple years ago a guy I've since cut ties

with got stabbed in the stomach by some kid

in a fight he wasn't involved in. Anyway, this

guy we'll call Jared decides it's cute to joke

around about my friend getting stabbed while

I'm in earshot. I confront him and call him out

on running his mouth, telling him if he doesn't

stop shit's going to escalate. A few days later

I find out things are still being said so I catch

him driving with his girl, me having quit smoking

cigarettes about a month prior my rage mounts.


I start blasting heavy metal and tailing this kid

screaming at him out the window while he turn

around and smirks and continues to flip me

off. He and his girl go to a place a few cities

away, I hop out of my car and run across

the lawn and he puts his hands up. Split his

face open at the cheek, broke his nose with

two keenly-placed headbutts and then hit

him dead center in the forehead with a mini

Bic lighter (inside joke about knocking out

faggots with mini pink Bics). I shove his girl

out of the way while this lady starts screaming

'call 911! call 911!'. Hop in the whip and take off.


Two days later I was served a ticket for assault,

had to go downtown, found out this kid was

scared for his life of me, had the restraining

order put on and got a pretty shitty sentence.


People are pussies.

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Originally posted by ODS-1

Fuck wiggers man. I see about 25 wiggers in my life everyday. It pisses me off. They always bleach their hair to look like eminem :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

im going to have to go with ODS on this one to... where we live its ultra

wiggerfied... <--- is that a word?:lol:

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if he slapped your girl, you need to have her go down and file a report on it immediately. you'll never be able to justify beating dude down without some kind of credible reason, especially since he's already pressed charges.


he should catch a ski mask beat down in the meantime.

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big ups for sticking up for our girl like that. dude deserved everything he got and then some. layin hands on a girl like that...fuckin faggot. you need to put him on the 'beat down of the month' club, where each week you pick a different house hold item to smash his fucking face with.

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