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A Fast Food Warning

Weapon X

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Lemme just say something that I learnt the other day. Four of my friends work for a duct cleaning company. They do work on everything from the airport terminals, to office towers downtown, to JFK in New York, to fast food restaurants in the malls, etc. They make pretty decent money, too.


Three of these four friends of have been telling me for ages not to eat at the mall by my house, nor at any fast food joint. I never really took heed because they never bothered to go into why I should avoid them. Yeah, they told me that the restaurants were filthy, but that’s not enough to steer me away from a five dollar meal that fills me instantly after I purchase it.


The fourth friend has only worked there for a little over three months. I was shooting the shit on the phone with him the other day, and he asked me what I was eating. I replied that I was eating some Manchu Wok, purchased at the mall down the street from me. He then proceeded to tell me some horrible things.


He was working at a Manchu Wok just outside the city just the week prior. Here are some of the things he saw:


- everywhere in his vision, peripheral and direct, there were things crawling (he said he thought he was on acid)

- there was rat or mouse feces in the wok

- a couple of dead mice under the stove

- in the ceiling, there were thousands (that’s what he said) of dead cockroaches, with live ones crawling all over them

- the chicken was left out, and there were mice and rats crawling through it


After working for a bit, my friend and a mutual friend of ours who works there decided to go smoke a joint. They turned the kitchen light off and went outside. Upon returning, they turned the light on and saw hundreds of cockroaches on the floor and on the counters scatter to get out of the light.


Now I’m pissed off because the three friends of mine who’ve been working there for a while never tried warning me enough. Well, I know not to eat anything from the mall down the street, and then some.


These guys keep telling me “DON’T EAT FAST FOOD!”

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Have you thought the possibility that your friends are fucking around with you? I'm just saying it's possible. If you are ever in kentucky and want fast food. Get INDI'S. In cincinnatti it's called ritchies.

MicDonalds sucks anyway. I usually only like subway, but that's only on trips. That descripition seems a little excessive. But who knows. Maybe you should sneak in and see for yourself.

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