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The Nonsense thread

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so the fam took me and the old fella on vacation for the holiday weekend. Come home and the fucking guy had turned the fridge and the freezer off. (because its clearly a waste of electricity) Everything has to be tossed. Im umad at the moment. I make a lot of home made soup from scratch and freeze em. Im not sure if its still good. It was still kinda cold in the freezer but it was all thawed. Probably have to toss it all. No food. Top that off. I only insist that he shower once a week. He dont move around too good and besides. I dont want him falling in the shower. So anyhow... Its been 13 days because of the vacation. Im like look man. U got to wash up and he throws a fucking fit. Fuck outta here. He started hitting things and swinging on me.

Happy tuesday errbody.

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Probably not news to a lot of you. More likely it confirms what you already suspect.

Fact of the matter is cost of living in Michigan is cheap compared to a lot of places

Perhaps this info may kick some of you into gear. Its something to look at atleast

Probably not even thread worthy so i put it down in here.


things you should look at and consider. Those are pretty much break even points with very

little saving worked in. 19.xx for 1 person and a baby. If you look closely at the bottom

table the expenses are pretty realistic. By no means excessive.

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may not be as funny but this friend of mine is always like yo come over and then i walk in and he asked for weed before I even shake his hand. Same dude who buys a half ounce smokes it in one night then complains about being broke and asking for whataburger...


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annd quote from me to my friend who asked me what the point of oontzing was a year or two ago

my answer "finding teh lulz and talking down on newfags and looking at pics of bewbs and graffiti. watch out you will get flamed very hard here haha/ and props are the little green things under peoples names, and the size of your penis is directly related to the number of green tic tacs below your username. and the red tic tacs are called tampons because they are nega props/"

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