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The Nonsense thread


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On 5/25/2023 at 7:32 PM, Mercer said:

Enjoy, haven't done that in a minute myself, just schrooms, kinda miss it.


I had a great time. We took the dog to the mother-in-laws and spent the trip on our property. I learned too late that my anti-anxiety med (buspirone) blunts lsd and mushroom experiences, so I had a  heavy microdose experience while my wife had more of a standard trip. Regardless,  we fucked for like two/two and a half hours and it was brilliant. Highly recommended. 


Next time I'll skip the buspirone dose.


I've had shrooms in my freezer for a while. I need to make time for those--I get as much therapy from a good mushroom trip as I do from six months of talk therapy...

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