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The Nonsense thread


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2 hours ago, Deine Mudder said:


I'll have you know that my master bath sink did in fact clog up, I now just wank outside the window so this doesn't happen again 💁🏼


Jokes aside who the fuck jerks off in the sink?

Pretty normal in America to finish off in the sink.

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I don't pull out anymore, but if we're doing something that isn't intercourse I cum in my hand and wash it off in the sink like a gentleman.


What are you doing with your cum when you're not gulping down your own incel glizzy@Deine Mudder? Do you bend it backwards into your own asshole, or use a sock or something?

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On 6/10/2022 at 6:24 AM, LUGR said:

I had to be super careful, I was in my vehicle, pissed in the bottle and put the bottle in the cup holder so it would stay upright and wouldn’t leak. After awhile realized if I leave that bottle in the cup holder, I would eventually end up grabbing it and taking a sip out of habit. I didn’t though, I promise.

I fucked up big time tonight…actually didn’t taste that bad.

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