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The Nonsense thread

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^^ so like when he does something psychopathy and ends up serving 3 life sentences, mom will still have something to cuddle with?  Like cuddle with as in what nutured his psychopathic behaviors?  


Hmmm.  The saga continues.  


When  Fagtifa goes knitting.


Knitta Please! 

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17 hours ago, nicklesndimes said:

just a funny lil gif don't get all worked up again and start another tirade

Save it¬†for your aryan nation butt buddies you ‚Äúrap‚ÄĚ with¬†

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7 hours ago, Mercer said:


Straight into her buthole for that unforgettable road trip.


I had considered a my dick is long enough to reach the bottle without the hose joke but pee in her butt will suffice.  Slap a 12oz logo on that and add it to the Oontz shop.

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7 minutes ago, Deine Mudder said:

fair enough -

but is your dick also slim enough to fit inside the bottle opening? 


No- my post history will show I have always been a proponent of wide mouth bottles for this move, thank you Arizona tea and the like.  However, a true pro can make the proper alignment between pee hole and the opening on a Poland Spring water bottle without spilling a drop.  I suggest anyone who attempts this have a towel on hand if you're not accomplished in the act.  As always, have to give a plug for free range pissing.

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Looks like they're holding it at a slight uphill angle in the photo on the cock & balls end of that tube's arch. Fatal mistake if my experience with plumbing has taught me anything.


Also looks like if the butthole end was butfunneled into a butthole, and that butthole wasn't piss thirsty, you could get some compression going on the tube sort of like a bellows and force feed those stubborn bootyholes.

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