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The Nonsense thread


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A few fundamental scientific truths I’d like to see finally embraced in 2017 would include:


– Yes, there is extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe.


– Yes, there is (or was) microbial life on Mars.


– Yes, human consciousness is non-material and not located in the physical brain.


– Yes, vaccines cause autism.


– Yes, flu shots still contain mercury.


– Yes, there are many anti-cancer foods that can help prevent cancer.


– Yes, transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a “choice.”


– Yes, glyphosate causes cancer.


– Yes, DEET is toxic to human neurology.


– Yes, genetically engineered crops seeds are a genuine threat to the environment and the food supply.


– Yes, water can retain non-physical properties that subtly alter its interactions with living systems.


– No, carbon dioxide is not the enemy of mankind.


– No, chemotherapy does not “cure” cancer. It often makes it worse.


– No, harvesting organs from living human babies is not “ethical science.”


– No, science journals are not unbiased, objective arbiters of truth.


– No, “scientific” political polls are not reliable. They are bunk.


– No, the “experts” are not as smart as they think they are. Mostly, they’re idiots who have attained high positions of “persistent idiocy” in academia or government, and their job is to protect the idiocy for as long as possible, making sure no one overthrows idiocy with intelligence.

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