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The Nonsense thread


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Say what you want, but Brian Austin Green from 90210 had flow. He had that Pharcyde mid-90s flow....

I downloaded the whole album 4-5 years ago.

It's basically a pharcyde album, mixed with some black eyed peas production.

The problem is he tries to mimick the pharcyde flow, so after 2 songs, he starts to sound too whiney.

I'd love to get the album instrumentals though.

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Greetings, family. This is Mase, Pos, and Dave, here. We're sending out this email, first of all, to thank you for sticking with De La over so many years. We never take any of you for granted, and because of this, we've got some big news for you that we want you to have first. It's the biggest news we've had in about 11 years.


This FALL…we're releasing A BRAND, NEW ALBUM entitled "and the Anonymous Nobody" our first studio release since *The Grind Date* in 2004.


The Anonymous Nobody: that everyday individual who one day, when least expected, stands up and faces the challenger. He/she refuses to accept... They defy in the hopes of rebirth, growth, and change. They're the ones who smirk at accolades and take the blow in exchange for the comfort of others. We are those nobodies. We want change from our industries past... labels and lawyers, shackles that kept us bound, at times unable to express our total creative voice. So we stand... bravely trying something new, facing that challenge, fighting for change, fighting against the sample police and fighting for our (and hopefully yours too) continued freedom.


We've been in the studio, at the mixing boards, working with incredible musicians, producers, and GUEST ARTISTS, making an amazing album. Even more, we've been using an incredible new process to do it: one that's even blown our OWN minds!


To say that we're amped and excited would be an understatement: We. Cannot. Wait. to share this album with you.




The album is available, RIGHT NOW, for pre-sale at $15 (digital) and $25 (CD copy) on Kickstarter.


If you don't know, Kickstarter is an online platform that helps people to raise funds for creative projects. In return for donations, people get cool stuff!


We need you to go to Kickstarter TODAY and create a stampede. We need you to be among the first to pre-order the album, and to pledge support. We've got great gifts as rewards when you do this, so check 'em out and pledge!


Here's how it goes:


If you want the album in vinyl, CD, or digital, when it comes out this fall, click on the link below to go to our Kickstarter page and find out about our project




If you've never used Kickstarter, or never registered for it—don't worry: it just takes a second to sign up and order.


Pre-buy the album TODAY!



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