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The Nonsense thread

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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

I was looking up jinco jeans to show a friend and laugh and 12 oz was one of the top ones on google images lmao

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I don't wanna be "that guy" but it probably just lost a claw and the smaller one is still growing in it's place.



Is what "that guy" would say.

jokes. but in all three volumes, a kingler got his left claw ripped out? no wonder he or she or it is pissed. adult goosebumps


all the crab meat inside that would be nice

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Disadvantages of supplement


I would just go around like a banner saying I have my phone there in like I would be like bragging about it I was thrown around in casual conversation like soon as people just don't need to knows it's the same things like you're not going to be go around be like hey I’m gay pay I'm Byron lesbian mature just sometimes it’s not really relevant arm but if it's like a good friend are family member or something like that I'm then you shouldn't be afraid I mean it's just particulate matter I think it’s anything to be ashamed that and you know if they don't like you anymore because it that's their problems not really your problem and you'll find out really quick to your real friends are and the real people in your life to support you and if they don't you know there are plenty of other people to well I like other people bipolar and any other metals say we having to the fact I think.

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