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The Nonsense thread


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A few years back, the above picture of a goat inexplicably watching a Wormrot show surfaced online. With it came a mystique that mated it with the stuff of extreme metal lore. But as fantastic as the image—and the others that followed—was, the question wasn’t “what’s the context?” but “does it matter?”


Now that there’s word the goat has died, the answer to the second question is yes.


Noisey traced word of the goat’s death on Facebook to a French farm called Mauriac, which doubles as a DIY venue, to get the full story. The short version is this: Biquette was a ten-year-old, tobacco loving goat that just wanted to feel the vibrations of the venue’s heavy music rumbling through her hooves.


The long version is even more incredible. According to Flo, the French farm’s promoter, Bisquette barely escaped the slaughterhouse and instead ended up at Mauriac, and while there were concerns over her being surrounded by such violent music, it seems like it was a choice made entirely by her own free will.


“If she wanted to leave from in front of the stage, she would have done it all by herself!” said Flo.


And she has the stories to prove it.


“I remember that during Panzer Cardinal (a band from Toulouse) she spent the entire set at the bassist’s feet (who, by the way, was hallucinating a bit),” she said. “Seeing as the barn floor where we throw the concerts is wooden, I think that she felt the vibrations in her hooves. The majority of the time she even laid down next to the speakers.”


Adding that she was “the most connected to grind,” Flo says that Biquette also enjoyed eating cigarette butts and drinking the ends of leftover beers. In short: she was pretty fucking cool.


Her death remains a bit of a mystery, though Flo attributes it to a jarring change of pace at the Mauriac after a new team took over, but generally speaking goats don’t live much older than ten, and between the booze, cigarettes and grindcore, Biquette lived harder than most.


R.I.P., Biquette, and may your legacy live on in infamy.




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