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The Nonsense thread

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“There are probably many reasons why the show is so popular. Might I suggest that one could be that the “redneck” as stereotyped culture-war icon is pleasurable because he simultaneously makes us feel superior, while saying what many of us kinda think but don’t dare say?


Jackson Katz talks about how suburban white boys love violent and misogynistic Gangsta Rap in particular (not all rap music is sexist and violent, but the most popular among white audiences tends to be this kind). Katz suggests that “slumming” in the music of urban, African American men allows white men to feel their privilege as white and as men. They can symbolically exercise and express sexism and a sense of masculine power when other forms of sexism are no longer tolerated. Meanwhile, everybody points to the rapper as the problem; no one questions the white kid with purchasing power.”


Classism in the Rise and Fall Of The Duck Dynasty Patriarch — Mimi Schippers



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moogle, sorry for getting annoyed at you, but once in a while, you casually come out of nowhere & try to belittle the little pleasantries i try to add to this thread while trying to remind me of how out of touch i am with the internet (compared to someone who frequents whatever chan, as you like to underhandedly state). i actually dont even have a tumblr account.. & people like the shit i post from tumblr, as mad people prop me (not saying thats why i do it or anything)


bottom line is that its just a picture of some shit. maybe its "internet for the masses" to you because some people can actually relate to some of the ridiculousness & arent too proud to feel like they have to filter out where their humour was linked from. even that zombie oregon trails game you linked - i posted that shit mad long ago. did i roll my eyes & get on your case about how unoriginal that post was? no, because this is just not that big of a deal


as for that glee shit, you know as well as everyone else does that there are wack & legit tumblr accounts for everything, including graffiti & whatnot. try & not to take this message in such a skewed/sour manner, because i will most likely link shit from tumblr again & probably never explain myself to you like this. all im saying is that its lame when you regularly complain about this shit to me, as i simply see it differently. that was eating me up earlier today & i didnt want either of us to kick off the new year with a feeling of sourness from a place we both frequent, know what i mean?


happy new year


get high, & hopefully youll see how silly all this is. was

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wait what?


i dont know what just happened



*edit @ medcab's wall of text


directed at the previous statement about that malcom in the middle comment, it wasnt directed at you at all.

if anything it was a half thought out commentary about how fast original content makes its way to the flotsam & jetsam of the internet.


as for the rest of what you said...do whatever you want. this aint my thread. i really dont have any negative opinion(although in the past it may have seemed that way) nor grudge toward anybody up in the oontz for contributing to this thread.


cups of tea and all that jazz handz y'know.



but really though i never actually invested looking around tmblr until last night due to seeing the animated gif of the game of thrones chick arya dancing and doing a reverse image search wondering why the fuck she had on bieber pants.















but really though its the join date...gotta be the join date

we feel like we really know eachother

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dude, i really dont think you can call that a wall of text when some of your posts just take up an entire page. the comment about dewey was just one of the instances where you felt like my interwebbing had to be addressed in regards to how uncool you thought it made me (for reposting content from elsewhere, that is now on tumblr). you usually say something snarky & underhanded, & in a way that you think you can explain yourself out of afterwards, pretty much like now.. its like having some bitchy chick roll her eyes at you & be a cunt for no reason, who then plays the victim when shes called out. sorry if some of this hurts to read, but i feel like its the only way ill get through to you. plus, i cant really think of a better analogy for this than the cunty chick one


no need for sn retirements - thats just frivolous. i dont hate you, but just felt like this shit had to be addressed once & for all. believe me, i know what its like to hate people for no good reason - spent the first two decades of my life with my head in a black cloud. its just not necessary

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we used to be cool holmes


you remember back in the 300's


Woah it got all 420 chan up in here..



And shouts out to medicinecabinet



watson had the thread on lockdown


rips posted pictures



we was young and had our lives ahead of us.





i hear what you are saying loud and clear. more so for the fact that you are doing it in the exact way i would do(minus ignoring basic grammar).


but what i'm not understanding is how you where insulted by my lack of knowing what tumblr was even about.

i even asked an honest question that was replied to by theo, and went off into the wild to form my own opinion of it that was not even expressed here. only the result of one of 6 open tabs that chrome could not handle was shared.


snarky yes.. but underhanded... i feel i must disagree with such a personal attack on an internet forum

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