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The Nonsense thread

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I can fucking hear that sound      also-Are there real people behind the political spam texts?   earlier....    

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dogs & cats - do they actually know what mirrors are? or do they go about their whole lives thinking its a pane of glass with a friend trapped on the other side? the friend is kind of weird, mimicking every move of their own. nevertheless, theyre trapped


then they just kind of get used to that weird window/friend & just be like "oh hey there, copycat" before going to the other room for a belly rub or whatever


aint even some kind of lame joke.. so do they?

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ok, here is casek and my idea. we was talkin and i wanted to make a thread to see how fast we could get it to 100 pages, thats somethig like 4000 posts. All you do is posts nonsense, no point.


Only rule is you cant post right after yourself. There is no topic, so dont stick to one, talk to people if you would like, but just keep it going. I wanna see how long it takes to make it the biggest thread on 12oz


Theo, 2blazzed, this is your calling, post all the pictures you want


That, and try and keep the "views" and "posts" about even, that would be rad


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I was acting in self-defence, says drunken fan on disability benefits who threw punch at a police horse

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2310139/I-acting-self-defence-says-drunken-fan-disabled-benefits-threw-punch-police-horse.html#ixzz2QlQ54xUE

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Horse deserved it no doubt

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